Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wrangled & Tangled Contest for a Signed Copy from Lorelei James

Lastnight I entered LJ's contest for a signed copy of, "Wrangled & Tangled." However, to enter you must leave a comment on her other pen-name (Lori Armstrong) blog --- Murder She

Here's the link:

Anyway, I was # 57, and at the time I left the comment I didn't realize that LJ actually writes back a response. 'Cause had I'd known, I would have told her what I initally did when I purchased the book off my kindle application. I directly went to the back of the book and read the preview for the next book in "A Blacktop Cowboys Series." It's Kyle Gilchrist's story, "One Night Rodeo," who is first mentioned in, "Corralled." Well when I was reading it my HEART-RATE went into HYPERDRIVE! 'Cause I've been DYING for Kyle's story since, "Saddled and Spurred," which so happens to be the first book I ever read from LJ. I've been backtracking since.

I was ECSTATIC to get a response when I checked this morning. Here's the comment I sent just in case the link doesn't show up:


I LOVE the fact that Renner & Tierney’s story doesn’t play 2nd fiddle to Abe & Janie’s. I’m up to chapter 32, and I really don’t want it to end. I’m stalling as much as possible. I truly cannot get enough of BOTH of your PHENOMENAL Series (A Blacktop Cowboys & Rough Riders)! A JOB WELL DONE LJ, without-a-doubt this novel deserves NOTHING SHORT of a 10 STAR RATING!
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    What an awesome post to wake up to, Michelle, thank you!
    Renner and Tierney’s story is actually the “main” story…but I really couldn’t tell one without the other, these two couples just fit well together.

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