Friday, November 4, 2011

Lisa Kleypas' "Mine Till Midnight," (The Hathaway Series, Book #1)


From the moment Cam & Amelia meet, you are captured into a world of endless passion, within the realm of the "Romany Seduction Spell," causing you to be unable to cease reading this book.

Cam is portrayed as a figment within ones imagination, a handsome intriguingly sexual individual who doesn't seem to exist. Someone within a dream, a fantasy, a beautiful sensual nightmare. Because he's unlike any other man Amelia has ever met before, there is a slight attraction to him at first. Cam spends most of his time at Jenner's, a gentlemen's club, he manages, which is located in the notorious city of London. Every so often having to break up the occasional bar/whore fight between gentlemen of elegant status; to having an exceptional knowledge of mathematics when it comes to others accounts, and finally to having his way with an assortment of women. He's ULTIMATELY a jack of all trades.

Amelia is the extreme opposite. She's reserved, a proper lady, and since her parents died, she's basically head of the household. Having to contend to her three younger sisters, and her older brother, Leo (aka Lord Ramsey), who is normally intoxicated, whoring around, or missing. She doesn't have it easy, but is willing to put it all on the line, including her own happiness for her family.

Since Amelia's parents took in a Romany boy, Merripen, and had accepted him as one of their own. Amelia is not prejudice to be seen, spoken to, or even accompanied by a Romany. She is willing to accept Cam as an equal individual, within a world who would ONLY wee him as scum. Came will stop at NOTHING to have possession over Amelia's heart, mind, body, and soul. Leaving no means behind within the game of SEDUCTION.

This book is exceptionally written, highly sexually gratifying, and it possess many twist and turns as well. Leaving me to desire my own handsome seductive Romany. DESERVES WELL BEYOND A 5 STAR RATING!!

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