Friday, November 4, 2011

Cheyenne McCray's "The First Sin: A Lexi Steele Novel"

Beware of What Lurks in the Shadows!
As I began reading this novel, it was extremely interesting, full of espionage, special ops, and secret undercover agencies, bringing forth justice to those deranged, terrorizing, masterminded criminals in our diversified country.

The terminology used by Ms. McCray, when describing in full detail what the "RED" agency consist of, and their different divisions were on point.

I immensely enjoyed the romance element between Alexi Steele & Nick Donovan, even though they were enrolled into "RED," for different reasons, they still had a common goal. To capture the evil-doers, and recover as many men & women who were being sold as property to the highest bidder. Especially for Nick, because it was a personal mission more than anything else. And above all, they were able to discover LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, and a sense of SECURITY, within each other.

At times, I'm going to admit it was difficult to read, because of the derogatory way the women were being treated during captivity. Tortured, beaten, raped or gang-raped, drugged to the point you had no control over your own body, it was all hard to swallow and accept. Unfortunately using a pleasurable act of BDSM, for the gain of something sinister, is demoralizing to those people who actually enjoy the fantasy behind it all.

Ms. McCray was able to uncover the reality that is occurring everyday behind the fa├žade of normal locations where single men and women gather to find company, a relationship with the other, upon opening our eyes to the hidden dangers surrounding us.

When I used to attend a club/bar, my mother would always warn my friends & I, to never accept a drink from a person we didn't know or if we left an unfinished beverage at our table, never drink from it again. Order a new on by going to the bar & watching the bartender mix the beverage. She was terrified if someone would slip something in our drink to either rob us, attack us, or God forbid rape us. But never in a million years would I ever imagine being SOLD. I've heard it being done in other countries, but NOT here in the USA.

Was this a romance novel? No, it should not be considered under romance. But a definite HELL YEAH, to being a SUSPENSE/THILLER, KICK-A** ADVENTURE!!


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