Friday, November 4, 2011

Toni Blake's "One Reckless Summer"

An Emotional, Sizzling Entanglement!

If you have ever been nostalgic and admired someone from afar, knowing without a doubt that he/she would never accept you into their loving embrace. Yet when the opportunity presented itself, would you risk everything (your family, friends, and reputation), for an UNADULTERATED ANIMALISTIC LIAISON?

Well if "HELL YEAH!" is your answer, you won't be disappointed, for every page in this novel was filled with it from START to FINISH.

It's almost winter, and I'm STIFLING from the HEAT coming off this book. A COLD shower won't EXTINGUISH the FLAMES. OUCH!!

The only one to tame the newly liberated Jenny, is no other than the "REBEL-WITHOUT-A-CAUSE," Mick, who's been fantasizing about Jenny since they were teens. But he always knew she was considered the unobtainable FORBIDDEN FRUIT (how it ALWAYS tastes so MUCH SWEETER than the ones just lying about), to someone like him. The boy from the wrong side of the track, or in their case, the lake. Besides the CARNAL attraction, and the wild SEXCAPADES they're having, there began this festering INFERNO of emotions developing between Jenny & Mick, that became something BEAUTIFUL, and what neither of them ever expected.

WITHOUT A DOUBT, this novel has made it to my top 5 favorites. I thought I found one author who could satisfy my ROMANCE CRAVINGS, like Lisa Kleypas does, but now I've discovered two. Sarah MacLean is my Historical Romance replacement, & Toni Blake will be my Contemporary Romance. And had I not visited Sarah MacLean's website, I would have never found out about this MAGNIFICENT, SUPERLATIVE, PHENOMENAL AUTHOR & SERIES.


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