Friday, November 4, 2011

Sarah MacLean's "Nine Rules to Break When Your Romancing a Rake"

Who Knew Breaking Rules Would Have Its Advantages!

When I commenced reading this novel it reminded me very much of Lisa Kleypas's (Then Came You), the heroine Lily was a SPITFIRE, and wouldn't accept the word, "NO," for an answer. As Lady Calpurnia aka Callie, refuses to do as well. However, the key element on Lily's behalf was that she possessed the protection of a renown infamous man (in name ONLY) to commit the travesties of what would be considered inappropriate behavior for women by the ton.

Callie on the other hand, had NO type of protection to perform her scandalous adventure, which derived from a list. The same list she will demonstrate to herself, that even though she has been casted aside and labeled a spinster/wallflower, she will venture into the realm of the unknown and have the time of her life. And once and for all discover how it is to be FREE.

Gabriel St. John, the Marquess of Ralston, is the man Callie has been pining over for the past decade. The infamous libertine, with his rumored clandestine interludes, to have the ton waging their tongues in the wind. As the gossip mongrels they are, who possess an exuberant amount of disdain for a man they truly do not even know.

Nevertheless that's about to change, Callie decides it's time to cross off an item from her list, "Kissing." And who better to obtain the position as the first man to ever kiss her, no other than Ralston. AND SO THE ADVENTURE BEGINS!!

AT LAST I FINALLY FOUND HER!! An author who could be compared to the renown Lisa Kleypas and Judith McNaught. The PIQUANT amount of DETAILS, the GROUND-BREAKING ROMANCE, the EARTH-SHATTERING EROTICISM between Gabriel and Callie, matched by every kiss, embrace, and tryst moment they shared. Undoubtedly this novel will be one of my most favorites for years to come.

Even though it was close to 400 pages, once you began reading the words they leaped out from the pages, and transported you into Callie's World. You're literally side by side with her, the emotion, the devastation, and the catastrophic amount of love being spilt at your feet, as you absorb every last drop into your very soul, it gave me chills. I was able to experience it all through Callie, and for that I will be eternal grateful to Ms. MacLean.

I predict Ms. MacLean will be a NEW & UP-COMING STAR, a much needed CAMARADERIE within the literary world. I am excitedly awaiting for her other magical stories to reveal themselves.


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