Friday, November 4, 2011

Lorelei James' "Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders)

Another Hypnotic, Spellbinding, Naughty Tale by the Phenomenal Ms. James!

Channing Kincaid was used to not being noticed, especially since her aristocratic family treats her as nothing more than a ploy to solely gain the respect of their peers. So when Channing was sick and tired of her Massachusetts life, she decided to pack her bags and head out West, to finally live an adventure beyond her realm of normalcy.

She shacked up with an Australian bull-rider, Jared, and followed the rodeo circuit right along with him. Yet Jared became exactly the type of person she was running away from. She wasn't allowed to watch his performance from the family designated area of the bleachers, he never immediately met her after a performance--she would have to locate him, and unfortunately she was nothing more than just a sexual conquest.

Channing was feed-up, she accompanied Jared to a local bar after his recent performance. Once Jared left Channing alone, she decided, "ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH," and took a risk. She entered a Wet T-Shirt Contest, & was finally noticed by all.

Of course Channing won the contest, with her luscious body, and bountiful curves. She even received the attention of the infamous prowess, Colby McKay, better known as, "SEX-ON-A-STICK McKAY!"

Colby was tired of the way Jared had been treating Channing, but until she realized the truth and finally kicked Jared to the curb, there was nothing he could do--except seduce her. And that's exactly what he set out to accomplish. After congratulating Channing on a performance well-done, he invites her onto the dance floor, as they shared some light bantering. Channing is shocked by Colby's remark, she thinks he possibly just insulted her by calling her a whore. Once she gasps because of his comment, Colby STRIKES her with a SEARING, SOUL-STEALING KISS, leaving Channing breathless & begging for more.

Unfortunately Jared appears and interrupts their exclusive coupling, as Colby backs away from a possibly fist-fight, Jared informs Channing to stay far away from Colby. That he cannot be trusted. Jared convinces her that Colby's libertine acts along with his traveling partners Trevor & Edgard, would undoubtedly shock & scorn her if she ever became in contact with either one of them again. Basically they were the type of guys who, "BANGS THEM & LEAVES THEM--HIGH & DRY!"

There was some truth to what Jared warned Channing about, Colby was renowned for having his pick-of-the-litter regarding "Buckle Bunnies," yet he became tired of them. Colby started to contemplate if he really should be a one-woman-kind-of-guy, but who would take him up on his offer?

Channing finally realizes the mistake she made with Jared, since he was committing adultery. Instead of being the other woman, and destroy a marriage, Channing dumps Jared's sorry A**, alas she wasn't ready to pack-up her bags and head home. She still craved the adventure.

When Colby discovered Channing has left Jared, he SWOOPS in and makes a DEVIL'S-BARGIN with her. He's willing to give her the kind of adventure she desired, including a, "NO-HOLDS-BAR," uninhibited sexual experience to surpass anything she's ever been involved with. She must be willing to share her body not just with him, but also his traveling partners, for exactly one week until they've arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

What's a girl to do? Give in and experience a once-in-a-lifetime SULTRY involvement with three strikingly handsome men. Who are willing to entertain your SENSUAL, CARNAL FANTASIES, with absolutely NO attachment in the end. THAT'S PRETTY HARD TO PASS UP!

I relish the fact that Channing & Colby, two stubbornly-strong individuals managed to FORGE an EVERLASTING LOVE, through the many stimulating encounters they shared, among themselves and with others.

Even though this is a RED-HOT EROTIC ROMANCE, at times I felt as though I was reading an old-fashion Western Romance. My most favorite scene, {{SPOILER}} was when Colby scored a ninety-one. As Channing leaned over the railing to the chutes, fascinated by Colby's performance. He leaps off the bull, hears the roar of the crowd, looks over to where Channing should be, and their eyes meet. He stalks toward her, climbs over the railing, captures her lips, their tongues mingled together, & he possesses every inch of her body. Displaying her for all to witness, that she undoubtedly BELONGS TO HIM!!

That is the type of Romance I thrive on. And the biggest reason why I ONLY read Romance Novels, instead of a murder-mystery, of who've-done-it, or non-fictional types of literature.

And once again just when I presume Ms. James will NOT write about a curtain SEXUAL MASTERY, with the INTENSE need to be POSSESSED MIND, BODY & SOUL by the other person involved. I'm STUNNED because of the DISTANCE she will go to ACHIEVE that GOAL. WELL DONE MS. JAMES ANOTHER 10 STAR RATING!

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