Friday, November 4, 2011

Maya Banks' "Brazen"

Playing with Fire Never Burned So Damn Good!!

What's a girl to do when she's HEAD-OVER-HEELS INFACTUATED with two STUBORN, ALPHA-MALE TEXAN BROTHERS? Hoping to prove to them she does NOT harbor tender love & care for one more than the other. That she irrevocably desires, cherish, & love them equally with her ENTIRE MIND, BODY, & SOUL.

Besides knocking them over the head with an enormous mallet, and dragging them back to her lair. It's gonna have to take a SH*T LOAD OF MISCHIEVOUS COERSION & ONE DIABOLICAL SCHEME AFTER ANOTHER!

NO ONE writes a SENUSAL, MAGNIFICENT romance novel quite like Ms. Banks, and a Ménage a trois, EVEN BETTER! With so much love and devotion to where it is DESPERATELY trying to escape from the very seams, by any means possible. Transforming the act of a COMMITTED Ménage into something that is IRREFUTABLY ESQUISITE AND BEAUTIFUL. DESCRIBING EROTICISM AT ITS BEST! Even though committing a few CARDINAL SINS within the process.
Who needs a Therapist/Counselor when you're reading Romantica Novels, providing you with enough knowledge in which your husband/wife or significant other will be WREAKING IN THE BENEFITS! A little diversity in the bedroom NEVER hurt anybody, as long as it's consensual. Why not?


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