Friday, November 4, 2011

Lisa Kleypas' "Secret of a Summer Night," (Wallflower Series, #1)


Annabelle Peyton is a beauty beyond compare. Any pure lineage peer would be well compensated for she is resourceful, kind-hearted, confident, and a head-strong woman. Never giving up on her family's misfortunes at any cost, especially since her father died. As her mother Philippa, younger brother Jeremy, and she have been living without. Constantly wearing out of date clothes, using paste to replace the jewels that were sold in their rings, necklaces, and etc., and any funds they do receive is put forth to Jeremey's school, debts, and bare essentials. Annabelle is determined to marry a peer with an exclusively well accomplished fortune. However, the only man she manages to attract is someone she absolutely has no desires for what so ever, Simon Hunt. Even if his stolen kiss has been playing over & over again in her mind for the past two years; and occasionally running into him in London, she spews his insufferable actions towards her to Philippa. Annabelle is undoubtedly curtain she can overwhelmingly do better than Mr. Hunt. A man who has an infinite repurtation for seducing women, as his mistresses, than cast them aside when he tires of them.It's not until she attends another ball, sitting in her usual section, against the wall amongst the other wallflowers. As Annabelle has seen the same faces at all the other balls she has attended, she forms a long-lasting friendship with these women. The undisciplined Bowman sisters, Lillian and Daisy from America, and a lonely stuttering girl, Evangeline "Evie" Jenner. Both the Bowman's and Miss Jenner possess a prestige wealth. Since Annabelle is the eldest and this being her last season, they have devised a plan to endow her with all the funds necessary, (dresses, information, & etc.) to attract a peer at Stony Cross Park, Lord Westcliff's estate. The location where a fair amount of peearge will venture towards the end of the season.
Once becoming full aware of Mr. Hunt's presence at Stony Cross Park, Annabelle is determined to put as much distance between them as possible. Simon has also developed his own diverse plan to entrap Annabelle. Knowing full well of her money circumstances, and the fact she will eventually circum to his advances, and be a willing participant as his mistress. Of course, with no intentions of ever marrying her, just humiliating her honor. The more Annabelle despires him, the more they are drawn to each other. Simon always appears at the exact moments Annabelle is in dire need of his or any assistance. Especially from the many various scenarios hurtling in her direction. However, when a peer with an immense amount of wealth attracts Annabelle's interest, and the involvement of the wallflowers at her disposal, will she be able to turn her back on the hidden passion she's developing for Mr. Hunt? Will Simon be able to stand aside for Annabelle's happiness or fight to obtain what he desires most?

This book has quickly became one of my favorites. Due to the fact, it possesses many intriguingly aspects of the "Cat & Mouse" game often played amongst future lovers. The buildup of the unforeseen passionate emotions, that becomes explosive once fully discovered; and indulging in my own chess game or escapades in the linen closet with my lover, is much to be desired for as well. A galvanizing, mind-blowing introduction to the Wallflower Series. Once again another SIZZLING, ENTCINGLY written novel, well done Lisa Kleypas.

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