Friday, November 4, 2011

Lisa Kleypas', "Seduce Me at Sunrise," (The Hathaway Series, Book #2)


Having been left for dead by his gypsy tribe, Kev Merripen has lived with the Hathaway family since a very young age. Kev was an untamed snarling & snapping beast, when he arrived; until he caught view of Win, the second eldest daughter of the Hathaway family. For Kev it was love at first sight. Wishing Win would make her presence known, instead of always lurking in Kev's doorway, never entering his room.

Until the morning Kev was going to leave forever, Win had been intrigued by him. To bare witness to such a savage boy, who could barely contain his anger at times. Win felt it was her duty to help Kev be a better person. As the two became friends, a growing & undeniable love had taken possession over their hearts.

Kev is an exotic wild stubborn, robust, brute, & Win is a beautiful, cunning, gentle angel. Kev is set on keeping Win happy at all cost, even when she became ill with Scarlet Fever. Kev being afraid of heights would climb above a ladder & clean Win's bedroom window. As she lie in bed recovering, so that she may never see a gray sky, & watch a robin who had laid eggs in a nearby nest in a tree outside her window.

Since Win never completely recovers from Scarlet Fever, leaving her lungs weak & fragile. Cam & Amelia send Win away to a clinic in France. To be admitted under the care of renown Dr. Harrow, who has performed miracles with other respiratory patients. Win is accompanied to France by her now sober & reformed brother, Leo. Having to her family & the ONLY man she will ever love behind to become well again. Will Win be able to return & pick up from where she had left off?

Kev's past also is accompanied with a dangerous secret that may destroy any future with Win. Upon Win's return home she too is harboring her own secret as well. Will Kev & Win be able to deny their ignited passion for each other? Would either one be able to let go & have a normal life without the other? I guess you going to have to read the book to retrieve the conclusion, but you will NOT be disappointed.

Once again Lisa Kleypas will capture you into a world of unrestricted sexual pleasure. You are transported to a time & place where your every actions are scrutinized by high society. The slightest hint of a scandal, you & your entire family's reputation is in jeopardy. This book contains precise humor, along with unending twist & turns that will leave you breathless. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK, IT TRUELY DESERVES WELL BEYOND A 5 STAR RATING!!

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