Friday, November 4, 2011

Lara Adrian's "Midnight Awakening," (Midnight Breed Series #3)


Elise Chase, the one woman who has tamed & clouded the mind of the savage & ravenous beast, Tegan. The most ferocious & deadliest warrior of all the members of the Order. Who has been as COLD as ICE to anyone he has come in contact with for well over five centuries.
Until Elise enters Tegan's life, the direct element they both have in common is the loss of thier mates. However, Elise's loss also involves the death of her ONLY son, Camden. Who was tragically taken away four months ago by the Rogue induce drug Crimson.
Tegan's loyality is always first to the Order; however, when Elise is out after dark, (on her own vengeful purpose, to take out as many Minions as possible), & about to be attacked by a Rogue. Tegan being out on patrol already, leaps in & saves Elise. Dramatically altering his life as he knows it.
After days & nights of giving Elise HOT/COLD symbols, she's just about had it. With the sexual intamate moments they've shared, to the mere moments Tegan was about to open his heart to her, then instantly removing & tightly securing it before anyone would notice. Elise is sent into a tailspin of emotions & confusion. Losing herself within the web she & Tegan has cast. Extracting her one & only purpose from her mind, to revenge Camden's death.
Tegan's revelation on his irrefutable necessity came to light upon discovering that Elise was about to be killed & taken away from his grasp by another male. Tegan confronts Elise in her bedroom after he has bared witness to a kiss she received by the other male. Tegan loses control of the layers of wall he has constructed over his heart for all of these years. Once those thick boulders come crashing down, so does the ability & tight hold he has on his emotions, lustful desires, & yearnful attraction towards Elise. Staking his claim within her & sealing their irrevocable fate forever.
Lara Adrian writing of the Breed Series is an undeniable sexually gratifiying romance, action, suspense/thiller. To claim which one of the books is my favorite would be an understatement. Each one depicts it's own scenario to a common valor of humankind. With it's Breed Warriors of the Order & Breedmates to possess pure acclaimed attributions to one another is much to be desired for. This series is beyond excellence, and I cannot wait to come to it's conculsion to the fate of the Breed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED DESERVES WELL BEYOND THE 5 STAR RATING!

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