Friday, November 4, 2011

Lisa Kleypas' "Sugar Daddy"

An Unforgettable & Emotional Novel (BEYOND A 10 STAR RATING!!)

Every problem, disaster, hardship, turmoil, you go through in life, when you think you've got it bad. Just read this story, it's a TRUE EYE-OPENER. You won't be able to forget about all the characters involved, especially Liberty. What she has to endure in life will AMAZE you!

For starters, the loss of her father at a young age, living without the comforts of a structured home, (not just a physical one, but a metal one as well). Having firsthand knowledge how frustrating it is to see, her mother in one failed relationship after another. And her mother trying her damnedest to make sure her children have the basics, without having them exposed to the truth, to where the money is actually coming from. Growing up without what her friends get to experience, (the money, clothes, brand spankingly new cars, whatever their hearts desire) it starts to eat away at your soul. Either you can turn into a bitter person and take the easy way out (prostitution, stripping, drugs or alcohol) or in Liberty's case transform yourself into a woman who can make it on her own. The ONLY way she knows how is with determination and a drive to succeed.

After having to raise her baby sister, Carrington, on her own after her mother passes away. She puts herself through school, becoming a hairdresser in an exclusive salon, moves away from the trailer park, to an apartment in Houston, and enrolls Carrington in a better elementary school. Her life is turning out better than she had ever expected.

However, when it comes to love and having a long lasting relationship, that's entirely challenging in itself. Especially since her heart, mind, and soul belongs to another, someone from her past life, who had possession over it so long ago. The person who she compares every man she's ever had a relationship with, Hardy Cates. The ONLY love of her life, that she could never have. Her best friend when she needed love and support as a young teenager, having difficulty understanding if life was always going to be the way it was mapped out for her. He gave her guidance and hope that she was worth more than what she had. And as much as she loved him, he loved her the same. But he had to leave and find his own way in life, and at the time it couldn't involve Liberty.

As Liberty says goodbye to one frog, her life turns a new leaf. In walks Churchill Travis, a billionaire oil tycoon. He ultimately makes an offer Liberty cannot refuse. He hires her to become his personal assistant. Liberty moves into his prestige mansion for two reasons. Always her first priority Carrington, to give her the life she could ONLY dream of, and the second to make it more convenient for all parties involved. She literarily would have to be at Churchill's beckoning call all the time.

Unfortunately a woman has to kiss several frogs to capture her prince, who steps into Liberty's life, Churchill's oldest son, Gage. The gratifying experience she shares with Gage, is beyond her expectations, especially when they first meet. The more a person becomes infuriating with the other, the more passionately you are involved.

As soon as Liberty believes everything is as she has always wanted, life has a way of knocking you off balance. Who is the reason for this natural disaster, none other than Hardy Cates himself. After years of separation, hidden emotions, lasting fulfillment, could Liberty decide on her new or old love? Will she be able to separate what's right for herself, instead of always considering Carrington's needs first? And what secrets will be revealed?

This novel is not disappointing what so ever, at every angle it will leave you repeating over and over again in your head the words, "Oh, My God!" When I was reading this story, I felt like I was living vicariously through Liberty, during her trials and tribulations. When Lisa Kleypas writes about the oil industry, and the billionaire families that thrive from it. I felt like a child, waiting for Friday night to come, when I use to watch Dallas with my mother. Of all the novels I've read by LK, this & a few others are my most favorite. For this one, she DESERVES WELL BEYOND A 10-20 STAR RATING!!

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