Friday, November 4, 2011

Jaci Burton's "Nothing Personal"

OOOH, La-La, I Absolutely LOVED IT!!

Two lonely people, who noticed each other, and never acted upon it, until fate steps in.

Ryan needed a wife, on the quick of a dime, and he knew "old reliable," (Faith) would bail his behind out. However, he never knew his "plain Jane," assistant would strike up the match to kindle his desire for her.

Faith is unlike any woman Ryan has ever laid in bed with. She's never been with a man before, and is willing to give Ryan one of the most precious and special gifts a woman could bestow upon a man, her virginity. Only if he waits three months to receive it. Since Ryan prefers his women seasoned, the allure of being Faith's first becomes extreme intriguing to him. And intensifies the endless sparks of fire, in the realm of passion he feels for her. With no signs of ever dissipating, even when he does enter her hidden treasure.

Ryan thought he knew all he needed to know about getting a woman in bed, lavish jewelry, luxurious trips to exotic places, & etc., well he was DEAD WRONG!! Like any woman, Faith enjoyed the gifts she received from Ryan, however, they were impersonal and didn't quite come from the heart. In the long run, it was she who seduced him, with her naivety and inexperience. Having him to discover his true feelings and experiencing things he never knew existed between a man and woman, LOVE.

I can understand why certain people believe this novel is a typical Cinderella Story, yet it's extremely exciting to discover the dynamics between these diverse individuals. Faith isn't poor, she's exceptionally content and financial stable with the life she's lead until marrying Ryan. And Ryan is exceedingly reserve regarding his feelings for anyone, he would absolutely prefer to be impersonal with everyone he comes into contact with. Yet he is tremendously honorable.

Faith had been infatuated with Ryan since the day he interviewed her for her job, and he had been fascinated with Faith even before her transformation, yet to catch a glimpse of his beautiful duckling in her wedding dress. It is then, at that precise moment, their adventure begins.

I utterly believe I'm going to be obsessed with the other novels written by Ms. Burton. She's going to become one of my favorite new authors. I highly relished the way she wrote these characters, they were relatively easy to understand, the reasons for their solitude. And their trials and tribulations were true to real life, and nothing seemed to be off base. Instead of other writers, who leave the reader wondering, what in God's name were they trying to describe. Not the case with Ms. Burton, well done. This novel DESERVES WELL BEYOND A 10 STAR RATING!!

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