Friday, November 4, 2011

Emma Wildes' "An Indecent Proposition"

Several Indecent, Deliciously Delirious Wanton Tales!

***(A Red-Hot Romance, Oh-My!)***

The proposition all began with a kiss, the one Derek Drake (Earl of Manderville) better known as the "Angelic Earl," skillfully had given his uncle's ward, Annabel. Since she was young, naive, innocent, and immensely infatuated with Derek ever since her early childhood. The kiss was spectacular, gentle, surreal, seductive, and undeniably forbidden. If Derek had stayed and continued his wicked behavior, Annabel would've without-a-doubt had been compromised, instead he decided to flee the scene. Seeking out any other type of distraction. Unfortunately that meant seeking out comfort in another woman's embrace, which Annabel just so happens to witness. Once the wheels started to spin out of control, there was NO stopping the turn of events that were about to occur.

Exactly one grueling year later, Annabel is about to marry, Alfred Hyatt, a suitably matched man. But is it love she seeks or is she honor bound to perform her duty? Or could it possibly be a ruse to make a certain someone undeniably jealous?

Nonetheless, a dramatically foolish wager had been made between the Earl of Manderville, and the Duke of Rothy, Nicholas Manning. For a woman who they are both attracted to, that neither of them know, and one who wouldn't mind being associated to this wager, shall judge them on their experienced, lasciviously wicked behavior in the bedroom. However, there's just one problem who would be the Ginny-pig. It wasn't as though they had a problem with woman just throwing themselves at their feet. But for that person to be shunt by the ton, and labeled as a harlot. Never walking into another ball or social event, could been untenably cruel.

Yet when both men decided that the wager was absolutely ludicrous, and probably should be dismissed rather quickly. A missive had been received from a woman willing to be a participant within their little game. However, she wishes to be discreet regarding the matter, and meet in private. Once the mysterious woman arrives first at the secluded location, she is automatically ushered into the back of a curtained area. Patiently she awaits her two seducers, and tries to contemplate if the decision she has made was correct. Her question is answered by the raven haired, dark eyed, enticingly handsome, "Devilish Duke," Nicholas.

As Nicholas sits down trying to interrogate her, possibly discovering who she is before she lifts her cloak off. However, this woman doesn't reveal anything incriminating, having him still in the dark about her true identity. It's not until Derek who soon arrives, also sitting at the table, the woman decides to reveal herself, yet not without their word of secrecy, and that she will never be named as an affiliate. When their solemn oath is given, that's when the cloak is removed.

Both men are STUNNED BEYOND BELIEF, Caroline Wynn, sat before them, the widow of Lord Edward Wynn. The woman know to all of the ton as the, "ice-cold widow." Who would never give any male an inclination that she was ever interested in their company, being all prim and proper. Always remaining EXTREMELY distant.

Caroline had her reasons to be the judge with this absurd wager, it was all because of her late husband's BACK-HANDED, NEFARIOUS, behavior toward her. Having her always wonder and hope that it wasn't her fault, she was inadequate in bed. So why not seek out the two RAKISH ROGUES known to all of England.

Could all the members in this storyline have their own novel written, the answer would be a definite, YES. But it would've been too predictable, and exactly the same as so many other countless Romance novels written in England's Historical Era. Yet the cause and direct effect that was linked to this one occurrence (the kiss), was a much needed commodity. The two ELUSIVE, RAPTUROUS Romances combined and EXPLICITLY written in FULL-DETAIL no less, made it DIVERSE. Having you wish it NEVER ended.

I'm immensely pleased I didn't pass this by again. I initially rented this novel from the library. However, I wasn't ready to read the flow of articulated language that was found within the foundation of this novel. At the time, I had begun reading Erotica-Romances, (Rude Awakening), and I wasn't in the mood to read Historical. I hadn't found my author who could replace, Lisa Kleypas for me. I had just read most of her novels. So Erotica was a good distraction. Yet it wasn't until I finished reading, "Ruthless," by Anne Stuart, I decided to give this novel another try.

Without-a-doubt in my mind, this novel deserves nothing short of a 10 STAR RATING!! WELL DONE MS. WILDES, I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR OTHER MASTERPIECES.

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