Friday, November 4, 2011

Mina Hepsen's "Under the Blood Red Moon"

This book is a SPECTACULAR PHENOMENON, I'd give it 10 STARS!

The chemistry between the lead characters, Alexander & Angelica will leave you sufferocating for air. The fire, the intensity, & the devotion for each other is much to be desired for alone. After reading each moment they had shared, my pulse went into hyper-drive. I thought about this book every moment of the day, unable to STOP reading it. After I read the last word, I clung onto it for dear life, as it was my ultimate lover. It will lead you to the edge of your seat, wanting & yearning for more. If you are searching for a book w/an immense source of passion, action, suspense, & explicate detail; you will not be disappointed with this book. I would HIGHLY recommend it above all the other books I've read & wrote reviews about thus far. It has topped my list of favorites & will probably remain for a significant amount of time

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