Friday, November 4, 2011

Heather Davis's "Never Cry Werewolf"


Shelby doesn't have a problem getting the boy she wants at the moment. It's when they feed her the infamous, "trust me" line, & needs rescuing from various school projects. Such as a paper on Jane Austin, making posters, & etc., everything goes down hill from there. Not to mention the awesome make-out sessions Shelby's involved in as well. Shelby's heart is in the right place, but trouble seems to follow her. It always lands her into enough hot water.
Because of Shelby's evil step-mother Priscilla, catching Shelby in one of her latest mishaps. Priscilla manages to convince Shelby's dad to send her away for the summer, to a bratt camp, & miss out on prom. He decides on Camp Crescent in the desolate part of Oregon, not where Priscilla would prefer Shelby to go, Red Canyon a military style boot camp. Shelby despise the fact that she is forced to go, & if she screws up & gets kicked out, she will have no choice & be sent to Red Canyon. So Shelby doesn't need any distractions.

Until she's at the airport waiting for the Camp Crescent bus to arrive, & catches a glimpse of the mysterious good looking Rock Star's son, Austin. With his irresistible Britsh accent, that would send any normal girl into a tailspin.

Shelby is drawn to Austin for several reasons. First, Austin is in dire need of rescuing. If he doesn't receive a special elixir before the next full moon, there might be a devastating outcome @ Camp Crescent. Second, they both have lost important people who would be crucial elements within their upbringing (their mothers). Finally, Shelby & Austin are teenagers with raging hormones. Come on, what would you do with your 1st true love in the middle of nowhere all by yourselves @ night?
With all this facing Shelby & the fact of Red Canyon always on the back of her mind. What does a girl do? Well as usual, I'm not going to divulge the whole entire book, but I promise you this you won't be disappointed.

My experience with this book was relative on what happened to me, when my father passed away. The downwards spiral feeling of going out of control, and the biggest problem for me was the NEED to rescue other people. My mother, sister, friends, & etc., instead of rescuing myself first.
I absolutely loved this book. It was emotionally satisfying; it had the precise action sequences, and the insatiable romantic elements I enjoy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO ALL AGES.

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