Friday, November 4, 2011

Lara Adrian's, "Veil of Midnight," (Midnight Breed Series, #5)


Once Nikolai and Renata meet, you're bound by the inflamed lustful desire they have for one another. To the point where you're unable to cease reading. Normally it takes me a week to read a book (besides having my normal motherly obligations to my son to consider), but with this book it took me ONLY 3 DAYS!
As though, Niko and Renata were made for each other. She is his exact mate in every way. Renata is deep-rooted to Niko physically, mentally, and spirtually. Renata comes with an added bonus, a Breedmate child, Mira, who's gift is to show one's future. As Nikolai and Renata fight to control their own hearts, they are also in seach for Mira, who was sold to an evil member of the Dragos Organization. Will Niko and Renata be able to keep their emotions and yearning desires at bay? Will they be able to locate Mira before it's too late? Well as usual I'm not going to divulge the hidden mysteries within this book. You're gonna have to read it to find out.
The whole entire Breed series has an extraordinary and unfathomable amount of twist and turns that will leave you beyond breathless. Where every single word out of your mouth will be "OH MY GOD!" Every action-packed adventure is a blow by blow thrill ride, as your mind tries to grasp the reality of it all. An unbelievable and captivating thriller. Exceptional written love scenes, causing you to come towards your own climax as well. DESERVES WELL BEYOND THE 5 STAR RATING!!

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