Friday, November 4, 2011

Lauren Dane's "Chased (The Chase Brothers, #3)

The Best Novel Out of the Whole Series!

Marc Chase is the youngest brother, and considered the ULTIMATE "Lady's Man," or "Sweet-Talker," of the Chase Clan. Women to him are a dime-a-dozen, yet one woman strikes up the match, that cannot be EXTINGUISHED.

His brother, Matt's ex, Liv, she's everything he's ever wanted. She's the complete package, wife material, caregiver, and an ALL-DAY VIXEN BETWEEN THE SHEETS. She's not embarrassed by her SEXUAL INHIBITIONS. Something Marc isn't use to, all the women he's been with, he has initiated every sexual encounter, but with Liv it's completely different.

The proverbial, invisible restrains have been loosened. And once DESIRE & LUST has dissipated, and an undeniable love is brought forth, who will be safe from a disastrous heart-break?

Especially since it's been ingrained into Liv's livelihood, that everyone she has ever LOVED has DISAPPEARED. First with the death of her mother from cancer, then her father left and moved to Florida, her sister moving on with her life. Liv has been left isolated from her family, and unfortunately she caught her current boyfriend cheating on her. The only other person Liv has left to turn to is Maggie, her best friend.

Therefore Liv cannot believe the confession of love Marc has given her, he has to PROVE it. Yet will Liv be able to finally accept Marc's declaration or will she leave him in the dust?

This novel was exceptionally written, barely any misspelled words, graphical errors, or punctual mistakes (I think I found one--which is no big deal). Ms. Dane used other words to describe the art of love-making, as well.

Either she used a different editor or the editor she already had actual did her job, and didn't pass it to an assistant. Because all the other novels within this series was ATROCIOUS, the story-line was outstanding, and very beautiful. I undoubtedly LOVED Maggie & Kyle's Story. But I was extremely disappointed to pay for these novels with so many mistakes. I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

THIS NOVEL HIT ME TOO CLOSE TO THE HEART, it reminded me of my best friend, she had a very difficult life. Her mother died of cancer, just the same as Liv. Her father shacked up with some lady, and left his family high-and-dry. Leaving the house in shambles, bills out-of-the-wazoo, and left all the responsibility to his children. She was forced to help raise her youngest brother along with her oldest brother, and unfortunately they all had absolutely no type of childhood. But GOD BLESS them, they all did very well for each other in life.

My best friend also married her ex-boyfriend's brother, and for the life-of-me, I couldn't figure out why in the world she would do that. But their love is stronger than anything I've ever seen. Besides my own marriage, I'm envious of them, he adores her and worships the ground she walks on. And she's a loving and extremely devoted wife, and I know in my heart she will be an OUSTANDING mother as well.


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