Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Much Needed Thank You & a Quick Holiday Message!

This post is primarily directed to my 1st two members of this blog: Mikala Johnson & Katy-B-McKee.


Words truly CANNOT describe the amount of gratitude & joy I have that you've joined.

And to my future members: I want you to feel as welcome here at my blog, as though we were having a conversation face to face or emailing each other.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has visited this blog, & without you I don't think I would've continued writing on it.


I also wanted to drop a quick message to EVERYONE.



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lorelei James' "Cowboy Casanova," Has been released TODAY!!

Lorelei James' next novel from the "Rough Riders," Series has FINALLY been RELEASED, "Cowboy Casanova."

Within the matter of a month, Lorelei has complished the unthinkable, having two novels be released just about simultaneously.  Her PHENOMENAL series, "A Blacktop Cowboy," and "Rough Riders," has been receiving NOTHING-SHORT of OUTSTANDING reviews. Ms. James is on FIRE, with her writing!!

First with "Wrangled and Tangled," being released just last month on November 1, 2011, and today with the release of, "Cowboy Casanova," will without-a-doubt receive ACCLAIMED reviews!

Of all the novels I've purchase in the genre of Erotic-Romance = "Romantica," there hasn't been an author I truly enjoy most than, Ms. James. TRUST ME, I've SPENT an OBSCENELY RIDICULOUS amount of $$, trying to locate one as EXTRAORDINARY as SHE!

So much so, that EVERY single novel I've come accross with similiar storylines, I've compare them to her novels, & I've been left EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!

Besides Ms. James the ONLY other author who could be a CONTENDER within the, "Battle of the Most Impressive Romantica Writer," would be Maya Banks. Especially with Ms. Banks upcoming book, "Sweet Addiction," #6 within the, "Sweet Series," to be released on April 3, 2012!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lisa Kleypas' Character Quizzes

I recently went online to Lisa Kleypas' website,, and took the quiz for which Wallflower, would I be: Daisy, Lillian, Annibelle, or Evie. From her books the "Wallflower Series."  Well this was the results:

You're most like:
Daisy Bowman
You are extremely loveable, with an idealistic and imaginative nature. Since you prefer to believe the best of people, you are, in a word, gullible. It is easy for you to disappear into a world of pleasant daydreams, or lose yourself completely in a book. However, you have a secret adventurous streak, and you are far more astute and wise than people give you credit for.
You would do well to find a husband whose worldly nature will balance your trusting one. He should also enjoy your flights of fancy and share your love of good conversation. When you finally fall in love, it will be more thrilling than your wildest dreams!

****Best trysting place : on a velvet-covered settee
***Most flattering color : yellow
****Best feature : your captivating eyes

There is ONLY 1 flaw, I've already fallen in LOVE, yet my adventure has been THRILLING more than my wildest dreams!!

I'm extremely THANKFUL, for the people in my life, my husband, my kids, my family, & YOU!! Thanks for listening!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Lisa Kleypas' "Rainshadow Road," to be released on 2/28/12

My Most Favorite Historical/Contemporary Romance Author, Lisa Kleypas, has a new book, "Rainshadow Road," and it's to be released on February 28, 2012. If your new to reading romance, please give Ms. Kleypas a try! She has written such PHENOMENAL novels, thus far, and I'm sure this one will be just as great! 

I am one of "Lisa's Divas," - a group of select fans who share info & content related to Lisa's novels and get sneak peeks & swag in return.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dirty Deeds by Lorelei James

***This is NOT my Official Review for this novel, hence I haven't finished reading it as of yet!!***

***(This is the Cover Jacket)***
DIRTY DEEDS...when good, clean fun isn't an option. Just once, good girl Tate Cross wants to experience a red-hot, no-strings-attached affair. She's temporarily left her graphic artist position in Denver to settle her aunts estate in Spearfish, South Dakota. However, Tate receives a city mandate: she must comply with new landscaping regulations before she can resell the property. Given Tates precarious finances, she asks her friend, Val for advice. Val swears her brother owner of a local construction company, and a man well-versed in purely physical relationships might consider trading dirt work for art lessons. When Tate meets the mysterious Casanova, can she convince him to toss in a few sex lessons as well? Nathan LeBeau believes few women look at the Native American man beneath the filthy work clothes and hard hat. He's kept past liaisons casual fact his sister shared, hence Tates sexy proposition of wanting a hands on demonstration of his sexpertise. But in truth, he's tired of relationships based solely on sex. His goal of proving he's not completely hopeless in matters of the heart is second only to his dream of expanding his business. What happens when Tate desires no-holds-barred sex and Nathan favors a good old-fashioned romance? A battle of wills ensues. And Tate is willing to get down and dirty to get what she wants. Warning, this title contains the following: steamy, explicit sex told in contemporary, graphic language.

When I first read the book's cover jacket, I expected it to be so outlandish, that someone in their right mind would've ever consider making a "devils bargain," in exchange for sex.

But by God, if I were single, I'd leap for the chance. Nathan LeBeau, is the epitome of my Native American fantasies, midnight braided hair, honey-golden eyes, & a reddish-brown chiseled physic caused by his ethnicity & extended work activities, gets me all tingly inside. And the connection he automatically had with Tate, just by one single touch, had me on FIRE!

I've ONLY read the 1st two chapters and I'm desperate for more! And I didn't get to the wrecking-ball of sexcapades yet, 'cause let's face it, LJ wrote this story so it's gonna be OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD ORGASMIC!!       >;o)~~~~~~~~~~

Miss Firecracker by Lorelei James

"Another Ravenous, Zealous, Tale from the Astounding Lorelei James!!"

Willow Gregory woke up in Blake West's bed with absolutely no recollection of what transpired the night before. Especially the part of the night where she miraculously  threw off her clothes, since they're hanging from the ceiling fan. She's harboring a nasty hangover, & completely nekkid to boot!

Blake West being a complete gentleman, never took advantage of the nekkid ex-beauty queen lounging in his bed.

Even though the he swears next time she appears there, she won't be so lucky. Blake will undoubtedly unleash his carnal desires upon her, and won't be able to stop! For those luscious curves, able breast, & squeezable bottom have been beckoning him in.

It's going to be ultimately impossible to be within the proximity of her for the duration of the penalty that has been bestowed upon her, for wrecking his best friend's bar. Because there's no doubt in his mind that Willow won't be his. He just needs to strategize his next move.

Well it's unfathomable to Willow that she would lose complete and utter control of her anger & drinking ability to destroy something that didn't belong to her. This behavior was uncanny to her. What could have possibly occurred last night, since she must pay her debt to society?

Ms. James is the Ultimate "Spinderella," who can spin words into top 10 songs, beautiful & breathtaking memories, and without-a-doubt into  GOLDEN story-lines!

No one can write Erotic Western Romances better than LJ, I just can't get enough!

Just when I think I've enjoyed this novel more than the one I previously read by her, I'm dying for more! This woman is on FIRE w/her writing! She ALWAYS deserves nothing short of a 10 stars rating!
Another 2am feeding & I'm watching NatGeo Wild, there's a show called, "Outback Wrangler." The main character Matt is the real-life version of Hugh Jackman in the movie "Australia." Nothing beats real Cowboys, Hmm-Yummy!

The episode I was watching was wild horses causing havoc for ranchers, so they needed to be corralled. Such beautiful & free-spirited animals. And what an amazing show for us "greenhorns," who have NO clue on what it's like being a rancher, especially since it's done the same way in other countries.

Here's the link from the NatGeo Wild Channel's Youtube for that episode:

Initially Meant for Monday, November 14th Post

Of course when my son wakes up for his nighttime feeding, what movie is on TNT @ 3:30 am. None-other-than the Ultimate Vampire Cult Classic, "The Lost Boys!" A movie I can't count how many times I've seen. And every time I do, it gets better & better! Just like aged wine! And oh, OMG Jason Patric's still H.O.T!

It's funny how vampire movies have changed. Look at "twilight's breaking dawn part 1" with its emitting release this weekend. In vampire folk-lord their suppose to be this "evil creature" that attacks its prey, by sucking its blood, all the while transforming their victims into what they've become.

But like most fictional concepts u can transform it into anything u desire. Or whatever makes the MOST $$$!

Don't get me wrong, I love the twilight novels, it gives the legend of vampires a new twist. But since I cared deeply for the books within the series, as the movies are being released, I couldn't care less to actual go and see them.

At first, I was ecstatic and couldn't barely wait any longer, (for christsake I went to see the first movie 3x's), yet now it's different. I guess it's 'cause, I've lost interest in reading young-adult romance novels, that I've graduated to adult romance. I really don't know??

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wrangled & Tangled Contest for a Signed Copy from Lorelei James

Lastnight I entered LJ's contest for a signed copy of, "Wrangled & Tangled." However, to enter you must leave a comment on her other pen-name (Lori Armstrong) blog --- Murder She

Here's the link:

Anyway, I was # 57, and at the time I left the comment I didn't realize that LJ actually writes back a response. 'Cause had I'd known, I would have told her what I initally did when I purchased the book off my kindle application. I directly went to the back of the book and read the preview for the next book in "A Blacktop Cowboys Series." It's Kyle Gilchrist's story, "One Night Rodeo," who is first mentioned in, "Corralled." Well when I was reading it my HEART-RATE went into HYPERDRIVE! 'Cause I've been DYING for Kyle's story since, "Saddled and Spurred," which so happens to be the first book I ever read from LJ. I've been backtracking since.

I was ECSTATIC to get a response when I checked this morning. Here's the comment I sent just in case the link doesn't show up:


I LOVE the fact that Renner & Tierney’s story doesn’t play 2nd fiddle to Abe & Janie’s. I’m up to chapter 32, and I really don’t want it to end. I’m stalling as much as possible. I truly cannot get enough of BOTH of your PHENOMENAL Series (A Blacktop Cowboys & Rough Riders)! A JOB WELL DONE LJ, without-a-doubt this novel deserves NOTHING SHORT of a 10 STAR RATING!
  • 57.1
    What an awesome post to wake up to, Michelle, thank you!
    Renner and Tierney’s story is actually the “main” story…but I really couldn’t tell one without the other, these two couples just fit well together.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Maya Banks' "Seducing Simon"


How does a woman tell the man she's been enamored with, that they had a one-night-stand (which he doesn't remember any of it at all), that now she's pregnant with his baby? Oh, and let's not forget, they're best friends and he just so happen to call her by his ex-girlfriend name to boot!

Toni has a major dilemma, does she keep it all to herself until its utmost necessary or come clean with Simon in the beginning?

Well there's only way to discover the conclusion to the mystery is by reading it yourself.

Yet there's one tidbit I'll divulge, you will NOT be disappointed, because Ms. Banks can definitely deliver a GRUELING HEARTFUL ROMANCE, WITH NOTHING SHORT OF SEXUAL HEAT that will bring you to your KNEES!

Every time I turned the page, I was on the EDGE OF MY SEAT with EXCITEMENT. I've CRIED, LAUGHED, and found my own GRATIFICATION within the pages of this SPECTACULAR novel.


Maya Banks' "Reckless: A Red Hot Summer Story"

The Perfect Sultry Fix for an Afternoon Romp! With a CAPITAL~~~H.O.T.!

J.T. Summers has been fantasizing about Nikki Durant, his best friend Lucas's kid sister, for years. However like every honorable, self-righteous man, J.T. refuses to act upon those lurid desires.

Nikki's been infatuated with J.T. since the night he brought the devastating news that her mother will not be returning home. That she has skipped town with her latest, "boy toy." Leaving Lucas and Nikki to fend for themselves.

Now Nikki's back from college and determined more than ever to crack J.T.'s exterior, and brake through the layers surrounding his WICKED INSATIABLE THIRST for her. By backing him into a corner, and UNLEASHING her SULTRY, SEDUCTIVE FURY upon him.

Yet will that be enough for J.T. to have a change of heart? Could they truly make a go at it and live, "Happily-Ever-After?" You're going to have to read and find out!

It has been awhile since I've read a Maya Banks novel, and she DEFINITELY has NOT disappointed me.

Has this type of storyline been written before? Of course it has! Nevertheless, it always has us "HOPELESS ROMANTIC'S," CRAVING for MORE!!


Toni Blake's "You Send Me"


This short-novella reminded me of my MOST favorite movie of all time, "DIRTY DANCING!" Hence there was absolutely NO dancing, but the storylines were similar.

Good, well-behaved young lady, Millicent Anderson, has done every single thing her father had ever asked her to do. Go to a Catholic School, attending an all-girls college, and eventually graduating with her teacher's degree. However, Millie's father, Harold, doesn't want her to teach in Appalachia, where Millie has dreamt of teaching since childhood, instead he would rather her become a replacement for his secretary.

It's not until they visit Moose Falls, Montana for a week trip, commending Millie's recent graduation (yet it's disguised as a business venture for her father), when Millie truly allows to LET-IT-ALL-HANG-LOOSE!

She meets Johnny Pickett, at the infamous boathouse from "Letters to a Secret Lover," that his father owns and he is currently employed at. It was LOVE at first sight, for both of them. Nonetheless, Johnny is not what Harold would ever consider boyfriend material for Millie. The boy from the wrong side of the tracks, or in his case the boy who went to war, and returned a man.

There is an instant attraction to Johnny and Millie, one that cannot be extinguished by anyone who gets in their way, especially Harold. But could they truly and undeniably make it work?

My ONLY qualm about this story was its EXTREMELY short. Had Ms. Blake actual written a full novel, then I would've given it beyond a 10 star rating. Yet overall, what a CAPTIVATED insight to the WORLD-WIND ROMANCE, who technically started it all, Johnny & Millie. DEFINITELY WITHOUT-A-DOUBT A 4 1/2 STAR RATING!!

Lyla Sinclair's "Captain's Price"

Be Still My Heart, I've Fallen For Another!

**Thus far, the BEST Novel Published by Ellora's Cave**

Julianna Burton has deceived Captain Price and his crew of the Redemption, for the past few weeks. By disguising herself and her maid, Bess, as boys. To gain free passage and sail to America to be reunited with her intended childhood friend, Jeremy. Her "ONE TRUE LOVE!"

While Julianna is scrubbing the deck aboard the ship, as a boy, every so often she sneaks a few glances at her magnificent captain. With his strikingly handsome features, his broad shoulders, and those glistening eyes that reflect all the many facets of the sea.

Caught in her dreamlike state, Julianna is unaware of the trick one of the crew members are about to perform upon her. Instead of side-stepping his advantage, she slaps him across the face. Causing a woman's reaction from his lewd act.

As she is discovered by Captain Price, he must dealt the appropriate punishment. If failure to do so, he will be faced with the grim reality of seeming weak in front of his crew.

Captain Price presents Julianna with an ultimatum either entertain him by being tied to his bedpost for the duration of their voyage, or be sequestered below deck entertaining his crew.
Alas, what's a young maiden to do?

As Julianna has made her decision, Captain Price ravishes her upon his deck as his crew bears witness. A clear and decisive warning to all that Julianna belongs to him and him alone!

With a dramatic twist of fate, an enchanted spell as been casted upon them. The lustful desires they possess for one another, transforms into an EVERLASTING LOVE, neither of them ever knew possible.


Lorelei James' "Cowgirls Don't Cry (Rough Riders, #10)"

I've read the previous reviews stating the "Prologue," could've been omitted, well that was definitely TRUE! Ms. James didn't have to inform the reader about any of what had occurred. Also the beginning of this novel was a little tuff to get through. But if you stick with it, you will without-a-doubt be SHOCKED!

Brandt & Jessie McKay have several obstacles to overcome. Yet with DETERMINATION, an EXUBERANT AMOUNT OF HEART, & TIME, ALL IS POSSIBLE!

As I read, "Shoulda Been a Cowboy," I automatically assumed that Brandt & Jessie's story would be the next novel within the "Rough Rider Series." I was a tad bit disappointed that I was forced to read, "All Jacked Up & Raising Kane." Especially if I didn't want to get really confused. However, I was EXTREMELY PLEASED, because it was NOTHING BUT HOT, HOT, & SMOKIN' HOT from Ms. James. So far I haven't read a novel within this AMAZING SERIES, that I don't ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

I have been OVERLY CONSUMED with this series, that I haven't had time to write an ILLUSTRIOUS review for each book.


Lorelei James' "Shoulda Been a Cowboy (Rough Riders, #7)


A Homerun Out of the Park Kind of Book! 10 Stars & More!

**The Perfect Novel for this Memorial Day Weekend! Unlike any other War-Hero Romance Novel Written!**

***Nothing But Sweet Unadulterated Lovin', Tons of Heart & Emotion, & Some of the Best Ingredients Ever Infused within this Amazing Western Family. A River of Love that Never Dries!***

Cam McKay, the youngest son out of the "Notorious McKay Clan," returns home a wounded Soldier, missing part of his leg & a pinky. Besides having to deal with his physical battle wounds, he's also trying to be the man he once was. Unfortunately, that man is lost within the shuffle of the men & women who return from war. They are NEVER the person they left as, the horrors they witness & are involved in, & coming to the conclusion that there's a COST to our FREEDOM, it isn't something easy to swallow.

Cam is determined to shun his family out of his life, to only speak to Colt & Keely, but NOT to be involved with any other family activities. He prefers to be on his own, to live in absolute solitude. Yet that is extremely difficult to do since he's a Sheriff in the town he resides in as well as most of his family members too.

Domini Katzinski was an orphan from Ukraine, who eventually became a US Citizen, she lived with Nadia & Anton (from Skylar & Kade McKay's Story---"Tied Up, Tied Down.") for a while, & then found her own place. She manages Dewy's Restaurant (which is mentioned in Carter & Maci McKay's story---Rode Hard, Put Up Wet), and is also located in the same building as AJ McKay's Message Therapy, & Skylar & India McKay's shared businesses.

Since Cam speaks with Colt who is India's husband, it was kind of inevitable that Cam would eventually stroll into Dewy's and lay eyes upon Domini. Cam knew Domini would be perfect for in & out of his bed. But what he didn't realize is once they began their sexcapades, would it be just sex between them or something else entirely.

This was unlike any other war-hero romance novel I've read thus far, usually it's the hero who pushes away the heroine to the point you as the reader become utterly infuriated with him. It takes most of the novel when he comes to the realization that she is his, "SAVING GRACE," and he eventually allows the barriers to be depilated. Definitely NOT the case with Cam & Domini.

Domini will NOT allow Cam to shield himself away from her. She pries away the layers of his self-preservation. She couldn't care less that he is missing certain body parts, she wants to know the man within. And for him to be COMPLETELY HONEST and TRUTHFUL to her.

Yet as much as Cam is determined to no longer shelter himself from Domini, she is HARBORING her own SECRETS. Fearing she would lose Cam if he knew the truth.

My conclusion was WAY-OFF base, but I was right about what occurs to Domini when she's a child. But sorry, I don't KISS & TELL!

Besides this being a love story between Cam & Domini, Ms. James also incorporates Anton's story as well. Which ends up being a much needed camaraderie to this novel. It conclusively brought forth an immense amount of HEALING to everyone involved, INCLUDING the rest of the McKay Clan. I've laughed my derriere off several times, & I've also cried (tears of sadness & intense JOY!)


Lorelei James' "Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders)

Another Hypnotic, Spellbinding, Naughty Tale by the Phenomenal Ms. James!

Channing Kincaid was used to not being noticed, especially since her aristocratic family treats her as nothing more than a ploy to solely gain the respect of their peers. So when Channing was sick and tired of her Massachusetts life, she decided to pack her bags and head out West, to finally live an adventure beyond her realm of normalcy.

She shacked up with an Australian bull-rider, Jared, and followed the rodeo circuit right along with him. Yet Jared became exactly the type of person she was running away from. She wasn't allowed to watch his performance from the family designated area of the bleachers, he never immediately met her after a performance--she would have to locate him, and unfortunately she was nothing more than just a sexual conquest.

Channing was feed-up, she accompanied Jared to a local bar after his recent performance. Once Jared left Channing alone, she decided, "ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH," and took a risk. She entered a Wet T-Shirt Contest, & was finally noticed by all.

Of course Channing won the contest, with her luscious body, and bountiful curves. She even received the attention of the infamous prowess, Colby McKay, better known as, "SEX-ON-A-STICK McKAY!"

Colby was tired of the way Jared had been treating Channing, but until she realized the truth and finally kicked Jared to the curb, there was nothing he could do--except seduce her. And that's exactly what he set out to accomplish. After congratulating Channing on a performance well-done, he invites her onto the dance floor, as they shared some light bantering. Channing is shocked by Colby's remark, she thinks he possibly just insulted her by calling her a whore. Once she gasps because of his comment, Colby STRIKES her with a SEARING, SOUL-STEALING KISS, leaving Channing breathless & begging for more.

Unfortunately Jared appears and interrupts their exclusive coupling, as Colby backs away from a possibly fist-fight, Jared informs Channing to stay far away from Colby. That he cannot be trusted. Jared convinces her that Colby's libertine acts along with his traveling partners Trevor & Edgard, would undoubtedly shock & scorn her if she ever became in contact with either one of them again. Basically they were the type of guys who, "BANGS THEM & LEAVES THEM--HIGH & DRY!"

There was some truth to what Jared warned Channing about, Colby was renowned for having his pick-of-the-litter regarding "Buckle Bunnies," yet he became tired of them. Colby started to contemplate if he really should be a one-woman-kind-of-guy, but who would take him up on his offer?

Channing finally realizes the mistake she made with Jared, since he was committing adultery. Instead of being the other woman, and destroy a marriage, Channing dumps Jared's sorry A**, alas she wasn't ready to pack-up her bags and head home. She still craved the adventure.

When Colby discovered Channing has left Jared, he SWOOPS in and makes a DEVIL'S-BARGIN with her. He's willing to give her the kind of adventure she desired, including a, "NO-HOLDS-BAR," uninhibited sexual experience to surpass anything she's ever been involved with. She must be willing to share her body not just with him, but also his traveling partners, for exactly one week until they've arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

What's a girl to do? Give in and experience a once-in-a-lifetime SULTRY involvement with three strikingly handsome men. Who are willing to entertain your SENSUAL, CARNAL FANTASIES, with absolutely NO attachment in the end. THAT'S PRETTY HARD TO PASS UP!

I relish the fact that Channing & Colby, two stubbornly-strong individuals managed to FORGE an EVERLASTING LOVE, through the many stimulating encounters they shared, among themselves and with others.

Even though this is a RED-HOT EROTIC ROMANCE, at times I felt as though I was reading an old-fashion Western Romance. My most favorite scene, {{SPOILER}} was when Colby scored a ninety-one. As Channing leaned over the railing to the chutes, fascinated by Colby's performance. He leaps off the bull, hears the roar of the crowd, looks over to where Channing should be, and their eyes meet. He stalks toward her, climbs over the railing, captures her lips, their tongues mingled together, & he possesses every inch of her body. Displaying her for all to witness, that she undoubtedly BELONGS TO HIM!!

That is the type of Romance I thrive on. And the biggest reason why I ONLY read Romance Novels, instead of a murder-mystery, of who've-done-it, or non-fictional types of literature.

And once again just when I presume Ms. James will NOT write about a curtain SEXUAL MASTERY, with the INTENSE need to be POSSESSED MIND, BODY & SOUL by the other person involved. I'm STUNNED because of the DISTANCE she will go to ACHIEVE that GOAL. WELL DONE MS. JAMES ANOTHER 10 STAR RATING!

Lorelei James' "Saddled and Spurred: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel"

Yee-Ha Ride'm Cowgirl! OMG, Singe the Pages Hot!

Liberty, Harper, and Bailey weren't fortunate to possess the luxuries of having a normal upbringing. Being knee-deep with the tarnished reputation, Dawn, their mother had so graciously bestowed upon them.

Having an affair with a well-known patron of Muddy Gap, Wyoming, who happened to be married at the time, Dawn's own boss. After running off with him, she left her daughters to fend for themselves. In the interim of this travesty from occurring, Liberty had already enrolled herself into the military, and has been deployed to Afghanistan. Which meant Harper, had no choice to quit college, and resume the roll of caregiver to Bailey, the youngest child.

Harper was going to make sure Bailey received every opportunity life had to offer, all of what she wasn't privileged to accept. Even if that meant having several jobs to secure that future.

Everything was going as planned, they would stay in Muddy Gap, until Bailey decided which college to attend once she graduated high school. Yet a wrecking-ball crashed into Harper's well devised plan, when she was dismissed from one of her part-time jobs (The Tan Your Hide Beauty Emporium). Thanks to the lousy economy, jobs in Muddy Gap were scarce and few.

Once Harper arrived home, she quickly assessed her options, unfortunately she couldn't go to Buckeye Joe's for a bartender job 'cause Susan's husband ran off with her mother. Let's not forget Ralph at the C-Mart who solicited obscene sexual favors to Harper if she worked for him. Giving her the day-shift as a reward for satisfying his hunger in bed. And being a bartender in Rawlins or any other town nearby, being fondled, pinched, and propositioned every night wasn't exactly what Harper had in mind. She was literally at her wits end.

Then fate reared its head, Celia, Harper's best friend, called when she had a break from the CRA. Harper didn't want to rehash her disappointment onto Celia, especially if she was having some good fortune on the road, and be a jinx for her instead. But usually as good friends go, they normally already know something is wrong without you uttering one word. Celia finally pries the lid off of Harper's secret. Celia promises to call Harper back, and hopefully has a solution for her.

Celia's brothers Hank & Abe's best friend, Bran Turner owns his own ranch, and has been in dire need of some help since his ranch-hand was injured on the job. Celia makes a quick phone call to Bran, explaining to him she has the perfect ranch-hand in mind, and that person will be at his front door within the hour. Hanging up on Bran before he could answer.

When Harper arrives at Bran's ranch, he's absolutely flabbergasted to see the former Beauty Queen at his front door. The same woman he has been attracted to since their early childhood, at the time she was considered jail-bait if he succumbed to his well-hidden desire. How in the world was Bran going to work side-by-side with Harper? Especially since he cannot focus on anything but her when she's around.

With Harper's sassiness and determination, eventually Bran's well-devised plan will be SHOT to H*LL. Once he's gotten a taste of her, he wouldn't be able to have enough. The chemistry between them was ELECTRIFYINGLY RED-HOT!! Harper trusted Bran to no avail, & yet all she wanted from him was DEVOTION & AN UNDENYING LOVE.


This was my first novel written by Ms. James, and I know I've said this before, but I truly wish to completely pursue it, IT DEFINIATELY WON'T BE MY LAST!!



Lauren Dane's "Chased (The Chase Brothers, #3)

The Best Novel Out of the Whole Series!

Marc Chase is the youngest brother, and considered the ULTIMATE "Lady's Man," or "Sweet-Talker," of the Chase Clan. Women to him are a dime-a-dozen, yet one woman strikes up the match, that cannot be EXTINGUISHED.

His brother, Matt's ex, Liv, she's everything he's ever wanted. She's the complete package, wife material, caregiver, and an ALL-DAY VIXEN BETWEEN THE SHEETS. She's not embarrassed by her SEXUAL INHIBITIONS. Something Marc isn't use to, all the women he's been with, he has initiated every sexual encounter, but with Liv it's completely different.

The proverbial, invisible restrains have been loosened. And once DESIRE & LUST has dissipated, and an undeniable love is brought forth, who will be safe from a disastrous heart-break?

Especially since it's been ingrained into Liv's livelihood, that everyone she has ever LOVED has DISAPPEARED. First with the death of her mother from cancer, then her father left and moved to Florida, her sister moving on with her life. Liv has been left isolated from her family, and unfortunately she caught her current boyfriend cheating on her. The only other person Liv has left to turn to is Maggie, her best friend.

Therefore Liv cannot believe the confession of love Marc has given her, he has to PROVE it. Yet will Liv be able to finally accept Marc's declaration or will she leave him in the dust?

This novel was exceptionally written, barely any misspelled words, graphical errors, or punctual mistakes (I think I found one--which is no big deal). Ms. Dane used other words to describe the art of love-making, as well.

Either she used a different editor or the editor she already had actual did her job, and didn't pass it to an assistant. Because all the other novels within this series was ATROCIOUS, the story-line was outstanding, and very beautiful. I undoubtedly LOVED Maggie & Kyle's Story. But I was extremely disappointed to pay for these novels with so many mistakes. I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

THIS NOVEL HIT ME TOO CLOSE TO THE HEART, it reminded me of my best friend, she had a very difficult life. Her mother died of cancer, just the same as Liv. Her father shacked up with some lady, and left his family high-and-dry. Leaving the house in shambles, bills out-of-the-wazoo, and left all the responsibility to his children. She was forced to help raise her youngest brother along with her oldest brother, and unfortunately they all had absolutely no type of childhood. But GOD BLESS them, they all did very well for each other in life.

My best friend also married her ex-boyfriend's brother, and for the life-of-me, I couldn't figure out why in the world she would do that. But their love is stronger than anything I've ever seen. Besides my own marriage, I'm envious of them, he adores her and worships the ground she walks on. And she's a loving and extremely devoted wife, and I know in my heart she will be an OUSTANDING mother as well.


Lauren Dane's "Taking Chase (The Chase Brothers, #2)

Don't be Discouraged by One Failed Book in this Series!

After reading my first erotic novel (Rude Awakening by Veronica Chadwick), this book precisely kept coming up as a recommendation from Ms. Dane, both by Amazon & Barnes & Noble, the two websites I write my reviews on. So after some time of having this book on my wish list, I decided to give this series a try.

The first novel in this series, "Giving Chase," I absolutely loved. I can immensely relate to the heroine, Maggie, for the way society just casted her aside, made her feel worthless, including her own family members. And worse of all the man she thought she didn't have a chance in HELL of being with, just basically dumps her A**, because of commitment issues--is pretty screwed up. But if that didn't happen we wouldn't be reading this book.

I'm really disappointed with this novel, I couldn't wait to read about Shane's story, yet it left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I yearned for more details from the interactions with the other Chase family members, for example what exactly happened during the Thanksgiving & Christmas holiday. What type of present did Shane give Cassie? I felt dead in the water, for me it was extremely difficult to read. I was about midway, and at times I made the connection between Shane & Cassie, and at others not really. Granted I don't know what it's like to be violated by a so-called husband, and left for dead by him as well, as Cassie had to endure. I understand completely being skittish around men, but the push & pull love bothers me immensely. Normally I try my best to stay away from novels like that, and I especially don't write reviews for books that didn't appeal to me either. But with this novel, I couldn't shut up and just continue with the series, without giving my opinion of it first. This review is based on just part of my completion of the book, I still have a dreaded twenty more pages to read.

Unfortunately with both novels, first & second there were a vast amount of grammatical & punctuation errors. I became annoyed at the fact, that if we (the reader) are to pay for a novel, at least make sure we can read it properly without these travesties--having us to guess which word to use.

Please don't misunderstand me, I know I'm not perfect. I make an enormous amount of errors when writing my reviews (I like to used a double-negatives), but NO ONE is paying any MONEY for them--besides your internet provided to make the internet assessable to you.

Ms. Dane I'm NOT going to give up on you or this series, I will definitely continue, hopefully Liv & Marc's story is better. I know some people won't agree with me, and I'm extremely sorry but I have to give this novel a 3 1/2 Star Rating!

Maya Banks' "Colters' Woman (Colters' Legacy)"

Another Grab the Closest Warm Body Next to You Kind of Book! SINFULLY HOT, OUCH!

I have no idea how Ms. Banks turns a simple blank piece of paper, into GOLD, with its WHIRL-WIND of EMOTIONS, GRATIFYING ACTION/SUSPENSE, & EROTIC HEAT!

It's usually very difficult for most authors to write about a torrid liaison with several different main characters involved--all the while, trying extremely hard NOT to confuse the reader. But the way Ms. Banks writes a SINGE-THE-PAGES HOT Ménage or in this case a Ménage quartos is CATASTROPHICALLY BREATHTAKING!

As I delved deeper into the storyline, I became envious of Holly. For I've been trying for years to have my husband fawn over my every move. She not just gets 1 man, but 3 diverse personalities, and TO-DIE-FOR GORGEOUS ALPHA-MALES TO DO SO, WHO-WEE!

Don't get me wrong, I know full well that this story is purely fictional, but I'm truly convinced it HAS TO DERIVE FROM SOMEWHERE!

These men (Adam, Ethan, & Ryan), were without-a-doubt willing to risk their lives for a woman they barely knew. But they knew in their hearts, just by ONE TOUCH, ONE GLANCE that she was the ONE & ONLY who could TRULY COMPLETE them as a WHOLE. The devotion that they possessed for Holly, was as equivalent to 1 husband to 1 wife, but UNFATHOMABLE from 3 husbands to 1 wife. (Which technically is extremely illegal in the USA, but this still being FICTION & ALL!)

Besides being infatuated with the way Ms. Banks writes, I feel a certain kinship to her-- when I'm enthralled into one of her novels, I feel as though I know exactly which direction she is going with the characters involved. As though I can finish her sentences without even continuing, as you would do with a best friend--know exactly where their heading by the conversation you're having. It's a strange feeling to have towards an author, especially if you never truly expected it to happen. It's especially bad, when I'm up late reading, and I TALK, LAUGH, and ANSWER the characters back OUT LOUD, causing a HUGE pillow to thrown in my direction by my husband.


Maya Banks' "Brazen"

Playing with Fire Never Burned So Damn Good!!

What's a girl to do when she's HEAD-OVER-HEELS INFACTUATED with two STUBORN, ALPHA-MALE TEXAN BROTHERS? Hoping to prove to them she does NOT harbor tender love & care for one more than the other. That she irrevocably desires, cherish, & love them equally with her ENTIRE MIND, BODY, & SOUL.

Besides knocking them over the head with an enormous mallet, and dragging them back to her lair. It's gonna have to take a SH*T LOAD OF MISCHIEVOUS COERSION & ONE DIABOLICAL SCHEME AFTER ANOTHER!

NO ONE writes a SENUSAL, MAGNIFICENT romance novel quite like Ms. Banks, and a Ménage a trois, EVEN BETTER! With so much love and devotion to where it is DESPERATELY trying to escape from the very seams, by any means possible. Transforming the act of a COMMITTED Ménage into something that is IRREFUTABLY ESQUISITE AND BEAUTIFUL. DESCRIBING EROTICISM AT ITS BEST! Even though committing a few CARDINAL SINS within the process.
Who needs a Therapist/Counselor when you're reading Romantica Novels, providing you with enough knowledge in which your husband/wife or significant other will be WREAKING IN THE BENEFITS! A little diversity in the bedroom NEVER hurt anybody, as long as it's consensual. Why not?


Emma Wildes' "An Indecent Proposition"

Several Indecent, Deliciously Delirious Wanton Tales!

***(A Red-Hot Romance, Oh-My!)***

The proposition all began with a kiss, the one Derek Drake (Earl of Manderville) better known as the "Angelic Earl," skillfully had given his uncle's ward, Annabel. Since she was young, naive, innocent, and immensely infatuated with Derek ever since her early childhood. The kiss was spectacular, gentle, surreal, seductive, and undeniably forbidden. If Derek had stayed and continued his wicked behavior, Annabel would've without-a-doubt had been compromised, instead he decided to flee the scene. Seeking out any other type of distraction. Unfortunately that meant seeking out comfort in another woman's embrace, which Annabel just so happens to witness. Once the wheels started to spin out of control, there was NO stopping the turn of events that were about to occur.

Exactly one grueling year later, Annabel is about to marry, Alfred Hyatt, a suitably matched man. But is it love she seeks or is she honor bound to perform her duty? Or could it possibly be a ruse to make a certain someone undeniably jealous?

Nonetheless, a dramatically foolish wager had been made between the Earl of Manderville, and the Duke of Rothy, Nicholas Manning. For a woman who they are both attracted to, that neither of them know, and one who wouldn't mind being associated to this wager, shall judge them on their experienced, lasciviously wicked behavior in the bedroom. However, there's just one problem who would be the Ginny-pig. It wasn't as though they had a problem with woman just throwing themselves at their feet. But for that person to be shunt by the ton, and labeled as a harlot. Never walking into another ball or social event, could been untenably cruel.

Yet when both men decided that the wager was absolutely ludicrous, and probably should be dismissed rather quickly. A missive had been received from a woman willing to be a participant within their little game. However, she wishes to be discreet regarding the matter, and meet in private. Once the mysterious woman arrives first at the secluded location, she is automatically ushered into the back of a curtained area. Patiently she awaits her two seducers, and tries to contemplate if the decision she has made was correct. Her question is answered by the raven haired, dark eyed, enticingly handsome, "Devilish Duke," Nicholas.

As Nicholas sits down trying to interrogate her, possibly discovering who she is before she lifts her cloak off. However, this woman doesn't reveal anything incriminating, having him still in the dark about her true identity. It's not until Derek who soon arrives, also sitting at the table, the woman decides to reveal herself, yet not without their word of secrecy, and that she will never be named as an affiliate. When their solemn oath is given, that's when the cloak is removed.

Both men are STUNNED BEYOND BELIEF, Caroline Wynn, sat before them, the widow of Lord Edward Wynn. The woman know to all of the ton as the, "ice-cold widow." Who would never give any male an inclination that she was ever interested in their company, being all prim and proper. Always remaining EXTREMELY distant.

Caroline had her reasons to be the judge with this absurd wager, it was all because of her late husband's BACK-HANDED, NEFARIOUS, behavior toward her. Having her always wonder and hope that it wasn't her fault, she was inadequate in bed. So why not seek out the two RAKISH ROGUES known to all of England.

Could all the members in this storyline have their own novel written, the answer would be a definite, YES. But it would've been too predictable, and exactly the same as so many other countless Romance novels written in England's Historical Era. Yet the cause and direct effect that was linked to this one occurrence (the kiss), was a much needed commodity. The two ELUSIVE, RAPTUROUS Romances combined and EXPLICITLY written in FULL-DETAIL no less, made it DIVERSE. Having you wish it NEVER ended.

I'm immensely pleased I didn't pass this by again. I initially rented this novel from the library. However, I wasn't ready to read the flow of articulated language that was found within the foundation of this novel. At the time, I had begun reading Erotica-Romances, (Rude Awakening), and I wasn't in the mood to read Historical. I hadn't found my author who could replace, Lisa Kleypas for me. I had just read most of her novels. So Erotica was a good distraction. Yet it wasn't until I finished reading, "Ruthless," by Anne Stuart, I decided to give this novel another try.

Without-a-doubt in my mind, this novel deserves nothing short of a 10 STAR RATING!! WELL DONE MS. WILDES, I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR OTHER MASTERPIECES.

Maureen Smith's "Whatever You Like"

I'd "LOVE," to Be Served on Roderick's Plate!! STIFLINGLY EROTIC!!


The chemistry between Lena & Roderick IGNITE from the moment they meet until the novel concludes. It was SUCH a PAGE-TURNER. The MAYHEM they created with their TORRID love scenes, engulfed my every WICKED FANTASIES, and at times my pulse went HAYWIRE, (the pool scene, OOO-WEE! MY HEART-RATE WAS GOING A MILE A MINUTE!) It literally had me wondering if men like Roderick actually do exists? And, if so I'm envious of the women, who get to enjoy the ENDLESS PLEASURES from those men.

This was my first novel from Ms. Smith, and without-a-doubt definitely won't be my LAST!! Beside the Twilight Series, which is Young Adult Romance, this was the ONLY Contemporary Erotic Romance novel within my collection, I've read TWICE. I NEVER WANTED THE STORY TO END, I can ONLY hope that there's a PART II, for Zandra & Remington's Story.


P.S. I'm looking forward to the novel written by Ms. Smith's other pen name (Naomi Chase), "Exposed!"

Toni Blake's "Letters to a Secret Lover"


I'm Nothing But a Fish, DANGLING From Ms. Blake's TANTALIZING HOOK!


When highly publicized Love/Relationship Advice Columnist, Lindsey Brooks, surprises her fiancée, Garrett, greeting him as he arrives home. Wearing NOTHING but an apron & a pair of KITTEN HEELS. All the while she has prepared this SUPERB dinner for them to share. What's a girl to do when the feelings AREN'T MUTAL, & he DOESN'T find her APPEALING any longer? Does she do an about-face, pack her things, & walk out the door without a word? Or does she get MAD-AS-HELL & throw the first thing she sees at his arrogant, smug face?

My BET is on the latter part of the question, especially since a paparazzi picture of Lindsey, in her apron, & Garrett wearing strawberry filling from the cake she threw at him, end up in the news, Internet, and various gossip magazines. Exposing her humiliation & her disastrous break-up for the whole world to see.

What's Lindsey going to do now, since her life's in SHAMBLES? Perhaps take a trip back to her roots, as Ms. Blake likes to write for her heroines when they need it most.

Several months ago, when Lindsey was engaged to Garrett, she received a letter from her Aunt Millie. Describing she would like to leave Lindsey her property, and canoe livery as a summer/vacation home in Moose Falls, Montana. However, upon receiving the letter, Lindsey wrote back to her aunt, explaining that at the moment she had decided not to accept her gift, but was appreciative of the gesture.

Up until this fiasco had occurred, Lindsey now has a SECOND CHANCE, to right a wrong, & finally make amends to her dead aunt. By using all at her disposal, even her life's savings to buy back the property & canoe livery.

However, it's gonna take more than just MONEY, to persuade Rob Coulter. Especially since he's NOT "MR. POPULAR," with the rest of the folks in town. He's this ATTRACTIVE, BROAD, MYSTERIOUSLY HANDSOME, HERMIT. Who basically keeps to himself, works some construction jobs (when the canoe livery is not open), and lives in Lindsey's Aunt Millie's home with his German Sheppard, named King.

Rob Coulter is harboring several secrets, one in particular the reason he has been celibate for longer than a year. Most of the book, I kept wondering if he's this WANTED man, trying to hide his true identity, or had he been sexually abused? Or if he's trying to become a monk or something? That why in the world would this drop-dead-gorgeous lumberjack, be fighting his attraction towards Lindsey? Especially when it's inevitable & undeniably strong.

The CORRECT reason took me for a LOOP!! This story had my HEART IN MY THROAT, DYING for the next TIDBIT to be REVEALED. I can't think of the perfect words for me to explain how much I admired this book, except for, "I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!"

I've learned something else about Ms. Blake this week, that she goes by other pen names except for this one. Three in total, Toni Blair, and Lacey Alexander (when she writes Erotic Romance--HUMM-YUMMY!!) I can't wait to fill up my library more of her GROUND-BREAKING ROMANTIC ACHIEVEMENTS!!

Toni Blake's "Tempt Me Tonight"


When do you become aware that you've come across a true-gem-of-a-book?

Could it be when you're talking to yourself. Answering the characters MANY questions. Reacting towards their response. Crying profusely due to the GUT-WRENCHING emotions being poured across the pages. Laugh your A** OFF. And above all, become completely INFURIATED when the Hero/Heroine DO NOT take your advice.

All the while, committing this WILD, TRAVESTY in PUBLIC, NO LESS! Having a few people STARE at you, wondering when you'll be returning to the Mental Hospital you've ESCAPED from.


IN THIS NOVEL, WHO EXACTLY IS STAKING REVENGE ON WHOM? Joe or Trish? Every chance I had, my mind was engrossed on the situation between these two EXTREMELY STRONG-WILLED Individuals.


Toni Blake's "One Reckless Summer"

An Emotional, Sizzling Entanglement!

If you have ever been nostalgic and admired someone from afar, knowing without a doubt that he/she would never accept you into their loving embrace. Yet when the opportunity presented itself, would you risk everything (your family, friends, and reputation), for an UNADULTERATED ANIMALISTIC LIAISON?

Well if "HELL YEAH!" is your answer, you won't be disappointed, for every page in this novel was filled with it from START to FINISH.

It's almost winter, and I'm STIFLING from the HEAT coming off this book. A COLD shower won't EXTINGUISH the FLAMES. OUCH!!

The only one to tame the newly liberated Jenny, is no other than the "REBEL-WITHOUT-A-CAUSE," Mick, who's been fantasizing about Jenny since they were teens. But he always knew she was considered the unobtainable FORBIDDEN FRUIT (how it ALWAYS tastes so MUCH SWEETER than the ones just lying about), to someone like him. The boy from the wrong side of the track, or in their case, the lake. Besides the CARNAL attraction, and the wild SEXCAPADES they're having, there began this festering INFERNO of emotions developing between Jenny & Mick, that became something BEAUTIFUL, and what neither of them ever expected.

WITHOUT A DOUBT, this novel has made it to my top 5 favorites. I thought I found one author who could satisfy my ROMANCE CRAVINGS, like Lisa Kleypas does, but now I've discovered two. Sarah MacLean is my Historical Romance replacement, & Toni Blake will be my Contemporary Romance. And had I not visited Sarah MacLean's website, I would have never found out about this MAGNIFICENT, SUPERLATIVE, PHENOMENAL AUTHOR & SERIES.


Anne Stuart's "Ruthless (The House of Rohan)"

Being Lascivious with Rohan aka "King of Hell," Hum-Yummy!

Exactly one year ago to the day, my adventure begun into the MAGICAL & WONDERFUL VIRTUOUS World of Historical Romance. With "Mine Till Midnight," by Lisa Kleypas, I was able to explore the BEAUTIFUL Romance of Amelia Hathaway & Cam Rohan. I never would've imagined in a million years that I would be reading another novel a year later with the same given name to the hero in this book. It's extremely bizarre how fate works!

The STRONG convictions I felt for "Mine Till Midnight," I feel the same for this novel. I vastly overestimated this fable, I automatically assumed that Viscount Rohan would be maliciously cruel, and destructive, yet he was far from that revelation. He had become somewhat of a Guardian Angel to Elinor and her family. Instead of the wicked Fallen Angel everyone considered him to be, including himself. However, Rohan was extremely direct with his LICENTIOUS RENDEZOUS he undoubtedly preferred. And how Elinor would be a hindrance to him more than anything else. Yet through TRUE fervor along with the LOVE & DEVOTION from a MAGNANIMOUS WOMAN, could CONVERT THE WORST SINNER TO SAINTHOOD!

The only aspect regarding the word RUTHLESS in this novel was the life Elinor dwelled in. Thanks to her treacherous and selfish mother, Lady Caroline. Fortunately if it weren't for Lady Caroline's clandestine tryst, being held in honor for the "Heavenly Host," located at Viscount Rohan's chateau, he and Elinor would've never encountered each other. ONCE AGAIN FATE IS TO BLAME!

This was my first Anne Stuart novel, and without a doubt it was beyond my very expectations. I tremendously LOVED it, along with Lydia & Charles Reading PASSIONATE interlude, and the prequel to this series, "The Wicked House of Rohan."


Maya Banks' "Sweet Temptation"

***WARNING: Not too many people enjoyed this review when I initally posted it on But this is just my opinion & you know everyone is entiled to their opinion***

Micah's Undoubtedly the Official "Dr. Feelgood!"


Micah's a tortured soul, with a devastated, heart-wrenching past, who finds contentment and solitude in the arms of a diversified amount of women. He irrevocably enjoys pleasing a women's need before staking claim to their body with his primal need. Full and utter submission via BDSM, is what he desires most. He's the SUPREME "ENERGIZER BUNNY," a TRUE alpha-male with an enormous protective nature for most of the women he has been with or for that matter, women in general. And above ALL a man with a HEART OF GOLD!

Angelina is a blast from Micah's past, a past he prefers to keep well hidden from the rest of the world of ever discovering. She's the little of sister, of his best friend, Dave, who passed away. And now she's come to play with the "BIG BAD WOLF," from her long-awaited fantasies. However will Angelina hop on the ONLY ride Micah's willing to offer her? Or will she be seduced by the world he resides in?



***The 2nd part of my review is PRIMARILY TARGETED to those readers who gave such poor reviews, and are constantly complaining about this novel. Never giving the appropriate STARS it so righteously deserves!***

If you haven't read the 3 previous novels within the "Sweet Series," I can somewhat understand your beef. Paying for a book you don't understand or enjoy the subject matter, can be extremely disappointing & frustrating. However if you did read the 3 previous ones, you should have been forewarned regarding the walloped of a punch from Micah's INSATIABLE Story. What in the world did you expect? The other novels were risqué and pretty damn, sexually intense.

You're reading Romantica aka Erotic Romance Novels, HOT explicit sex, graphic language, some violence, a COMMITTED Ménage a trois/quatre, etc., if you're lucky >;o)~~~~~ , and some back-door lovin', is PRETTY MUCH A GIVEN!

It wasn't like you were reading a 300 - 700 page Historical Romance Novel, knowing full-well the hero/heroine doesn't fall madly in love with each other until half-way through or NOT even until the very end of the book. With its GRADUAL process of word-fencing and an EXUBERANT amount of COMPRESSED SEXUAL TENSION before they ever have "WILDLY HOT MONKEY INTERCOURSE!"

Cheyenne McCray's "The First Sin: A Lexi Steele Novel"

Beware of What Lurks in the Shadows!
As I began reading this novel, it was extremely interesting, full of espionage, special ops, and secret undercover agencies, bringing forth justice to those deranged, terrorizing, masterminded criminals in our diversified country.

The terminology used by Ms. McCray, when describing in full detail what the "RED" agency consist of, and their different divisions were on point.

I immensely enjoyed the romance element between Alexi Steele & Nick Donovan, even though they were enrolled into "RED," for different reasons, they still had a common goal. To capture the evil-doers, and recover as many men & women who were being sold as property to the highest bidder. Especially for Nick, because it was a personal mission more than anything else. And above all, they were able to discover LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, and a sense of SECURITY, within each other.

At times, I'm going to admit it was difficult to read, because of the derogatory way the women were being treated during captivity. Tortured, beaten, raped or gang-raped, drugged to the point you had no control over your own body, it was all hard to swallow and accept. Unfortunately using a pleasurable act of BDSM, for the gain of something sinister, is demoralizing to those people who actually enjoy the fantasy behind it all.

Ms. McCray was able to uncover the reality that is occurring everyday behind the façade of normal locations where single men and women gather to find company, a relationship with the other, upon opening our eyes to the hidden dangers surrounding us.

When I used to attend a club/bar, my mother would always warn my friends & I, to never accept a drink from a person we didn't know or if we left an unfinished beverage at our table, never drink from it again. Order a new on by going to the bar & watching the bartender mix the beverage. She was terrified if someone would slip something in our drink to either rob us, attack us, or God forbid rape us. But never in a million years would I ever imagine being SOLD. I've heard it being done in other countries, but NOT here in the USA.

Was this a romance novel? No, it should not be considered under romance. But a definite HELL YEAH, to being a SUSPENSE/THILLER, KICK-A** ADVENTURE!!


Bella Andre's "Game for Seduction"

TOUCHDOWN! Highly Provocative!

Oh My Lord!! This novel was definitely beyond my expectations, especially since it ONLY took me TWO DAYS to read it. Most of the erotic novels I've read thus far have just been foreplay, compared to this one written by Ms. Andre.

This was my first novel by her, and most definitely won't be my last one. When Ms. Andre described in full detail the numerous sexcapades Dominic and Melissa shared, I felt as though I was committing voyeurism, being in the same room, vehicle, or any public location known to man, about to participate alongside with them. The match was lit and it NEVER SIZZLED AWAY!

It was IMMENSELY GRATIFYING { >;o)~~~ My Mischievously, Wicked Grin}

There was NO way this novel was typical or predictable, especially since normally it takes the hero/alpha male to realize half way through the book, what kind of HELLCAT he has between the sheets, and who has complete possession over his heart. NOT from the first time he touches her!

Dominic had a way to move heaven and earth to keep Melissa hanging on, whatever it took, he would ultimately fight hell or whomever stood in his way, to make her, HIS!

I'm looking forward to "Game for Love," the next installment to "The Bad Boys of Football" Series.


Maya Banks' "Sweet Persuasion"

2nd Installment of the "Sweet Series" Contently More Quenching than 1st!!

Serena James is the owner of the successful Fantasy Incorp., an organization constructed for ordinary people who couldn't obtain the opportunity to fulfill their long time dreams. Serena would be willing to do all in her power to satisfy her clients, as long as it wasn't anything inappropriate.

However in her case, Serena wasn't satisfied to appease everyone else's thirst for adventure without taking part in one of her own. Unfortunately her fantasy was completely inappropriate with today's standards regarding Women's Liberal Rights. And it wasn't as though there were any obvious advertisements in the classified section of the local papers, stating "Sex Slave Wanted!!"

Where and who in the world would Serena be able to surrender to a dominate, exquisitely charming, deviant, hmmm?

Opportunity knocks for Damon Roche (Sweet Surrender), for he is in search of a woman who will relinquish absolute control to him, withstanding his demonstrative carnal cravings, his sweet seductive endearments, and come to the realization that as much he is in dire need of her salvation, she will be his as well.

If BDSM doesn't interest you, this series is not for you, because it's HARD CORE. There were moments I was flabbergasted of how much Serena could withstand. Damon was very clear and concise with the terms of their arrangement. If Serena felt unsafe, and frightened to continue, the magic word would end it all (NO!!)

But within the realm of ROMANCE pushing the nonexistent envelope and extending its boundaries is what INTRIGUES us the most. Even though committing a few sins within the process, yet to reveal the PERILOUS PASSIONATE CRAVINGS the hero & heroine possess for one another as no other has done before, is TRULY MAGICAL & BEAUTIFUL... And does truly exist within the pages of this GROUND-BREAKING CONTROVERSIAL NOVEL!!


Sarah MacLean's "Nine Rules to Break When Your Romancing a Rake"

Who Knew Breaking Rules Would Have Its Advantages!

When I commenced reading this novel it reminded me very much of Lisa Kleypas's (Then Came You), the heroine Lily was a SPITFIRE, and wouldn't accept the word, "NO," for an answer. As Lady Calpurnia aka Callie, refuses to do as well. However, the key element on Lily's behalf was that she possessed the protection of a renown infamous man (in name ONLY) to commit the travesties of what would be considered inappropriate behavior for women by the ton.

Callie on the other hand, had NO type of protection to perform her scandalous adventure, which derived from a list. The same list she will demonstrate to herself, that even though she has been casted aside and labeled a spinster/wallflower, she will venture into the realm of the unknown and have the time of her life. And once and for all discover how it is to be FREE.

Gabriel St. John, the Marquess of Ralston, is the man Callie has been pining over for the past decade. The infamous libertine, with his rumored clandestine interludes, to have the ton waging their tongues in the wind. As the gossip mongrels they are, who possess an exuberant amount of disdain for a man they truly do not even know.

Nevertheless that's about to change, Callie decides it's time to cross off an item from her list, "Kissing." And who better to obtain the position as the first man to ever kiss her, no other than Ralston. AND SO THE ADVENTURE BEGINS!!

AT LAST I FINALLY FOUND HER!! An author who could be compared to the renown Lisa Kleypas and Judith McNaught. The PIQUANT amount of DETAILS, the GROUND-BREAKING ROMANCE, the EARTH-SHATTERING EROTICISM between Gabriel and Callie, matched by every kiss, embrace, and tryst moment they shared. Undoubtedly this novel will be one of my most favorites for years to come.

Even though it was close to 400 pages, once you began reading the words they leaped out from the pages, and transported you into Callie's World. You're literally side by side with her, the emotion, the devastation, and the catastrophic amount of love being spilt at your feet, as you absorb every last drop into your very soul, it gave me chills. I was able to experience it all through Callie, and for that I will be eternal grateful to Ms. MacLean.

I predict Ms. MacLean will be a NEW & UP-COMING STAR, a much needed CAMARADERIE within the literary world. I am excitedly awaiting for her other magical stories to reveal themselves.


Lisa Kleypas' "Love in the Afternoon" (Hathaway Series, #5)

An Unbelievably Perfect Ending to a Phenomenal Series!

It began innocently, all Beatrix Hathaway had to do was pretend to be someone else, just for a few moments that day, to send back a correspondent to Capt. Christopher Phelan, who was fighting in the Crimean War.

The same man Beatrix loathed, for the indecent comment he made about her when she attended a picnic her girlfriend Prudence Mercer had arranged. The same Prudence who was suppose to respond to Christopher's letter since it was addressed to her and not Beatrix.

However, Beatrix felt immense sympathy for Christopher, for he was risking his life, and only wanted someone to share some type of peace with what he was facing every day. The horrors he had no choice but to deal with, choosing one's life for someone else's. The psychological damage that is done, is beyond anyone's realm of understanding, unless you've been through it. He literally became a wounded soul, searching for salvation, which Beatrix had provided him without question.

The letters that were sent back and forth became heart-felt emotions, admirations, and a compassionate foundation of love that was written on mere paper. Without ever seeing each other's reaction, just using their imaginations. Most couples wished they could experience that kind of love.

Beatrix had shared intimate details of herself with Christopher, the way she drinks her tea, how he can better control the dog that had been his only companion, and her favorite hiding spot in Stony Cross Park.

Yet upon Christopher's return he was convinced that Prudence wrote those words, and not anyone else. It's not until Beatrix's odd influence on him, a tender hand, and immense patience is all that was needed to have him succumb to the over-whelming emotion of love without condition. He comes to the realization, that the woman he desired was standing right under his nose. Beatrix helped guide him to release the demons of his past, to ferment a happy and lasting future. Ultimately a place in this world where he belonged.

I truly didn't want to finish reading this novel, because I wasn't ready for this series to be over. Lisa Kleypas writes with such GROUND-BREAKING ROMANCE. The PASSION itself between hero and heroine is wished upon a star by every 4 out of 5 little girls, to discover when they get older.

When she writes about the dangerous game that is played with one's soul to uncover the LOVE that is revealed is BREATH-TAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL & INSPIRING! And above all the details are EXQUISITELY DELICIOUS when LK is describing the love-making scenes. It is literally GUT-WRENCHING, causing you to dream of that hero at night. Experiencing his DEVILISHLY INTICING KISSES & AMOROUS BEHAVIOR. HUMM-YUMMY!!


Maya Banks' "Sweet Surrender"

Sweetly Enticed 4 1/2 Stars!

I appreciated the tight knit characters that are all involved within this storyline.

Especially the initial spark between Gray & Faith, was greater than either realized, it literally took them both for a lope. Their connection was rock-solid, then edgy, finally mind-blowing orgasmic (between the major kink & BDSM involved).

However, the story began to fizzle. Gray & Faith's relationship had too much of the back & forth, not knowing what either of them truly wanted. I completely understand the reasons Gray wanted to keep Faith at a distance, but there were plenty of scenes that could have been left out, it started to drag.

Unfortunately it got to the point, that I really didn't wish to continue. Even though the lovemaking scenes were a total mind-f**k. And the brazen act between Gray, Faith, & someone who will not be mentioned (sorry I'm not going to spoil the surprise) was unbelievably, and catastrophically delicious.

Ultimately, I'm willing to give the rest of this series and Ms. Banks another chance. She won't be the first, and definitely not the last author that has received "mixed" reviews on some of her other collaborations. For this novel, Ms. Banks I'm sorry I have to give it 4 1/2 Stars!!

Trista Ann Michael's "Their One & Only"

My 1st Ménage, but definitely NOT my LAST!

I had original bought this book, along with Blood Rite, also by the same author. I didn't quite enjoy Blood Rite, and I was going to return both books, for fear of being disappointed yet again. However, one night I decided to give this novel a chance. Nevertheless, I was adequately flabbergasted.

The eroticism that filled the pages within this novel, left me utterly sedated with my many releases. Literally after reading just two pages of Sam, Kaycee, & Tyler's lovemaking, my libido was in hyper-drive, exasperatedly awaiting my own gratification.

I relished the fact that it was somewhat normal to possess an immense amount of amorousness for two other people at the exact same time, and to love them equally as well, with absolutely no injustice done to either partner.


Lisa Kleypas' "Married By Morning" (Hathaway Series, #4)


Once again, Lisa Kleypas has fooled us (the reader), using secretive titles to implement her dastardly plan, creating a façade for something that is intriguingly more than meets the eye. (Sugar Daddy, Then Came You, Dreaming of You, & now with this novel too!!)

Ms. Kleypas is like a thief in the night, extracting our very souls without us ever discovering it. She tantalizingly captures us within the passionate perilous desires we crave to be satisfied, without the restrains of being caught by our significant others. Through her writing we can achieve this, and not be tormented by guilt afterwards.

I have been rigorously searching for another author who can quench my intolerable thrust for romance. Alas, there is only ONE who could saturate my desperate needs like no other, the riveting and gratifying mind of Ms. Kleypas. For without her mind, she wouldn't have produced these mystical, devilishly, and adventurous characters, who have fermented a place within my heart.

It's been 7 months since I've read the last installment (Tempt Me at Twilight) of the Hathaway series, yet once I began reading this novel, I felt as though I never left. This family and all the other characters created by LK have affected my life in one form or another.

As I reminiscence, of the way my Pisces of a husband, and I began our courtship, I being a Leo, nonetheless. I completely understood the reasons for Leo & Catherine's bickering, and the passionate rendezvous' they've shared. For once a heart is sealed by love and desire, there's no one who could destroy the bond that is formed.

I immensely enjoyed the beginning of this novel, and I don't quite understand why other people didn't. We as the reader, develop a better appreciation for Leo & Catherine, and it helps us to better comprehend the type of difficulties these two oddly-matched pair of individuals must face.


Jaci Burton's "Nothing Personal"

OOOH, La-La, I Absolutely LOVED IT!!

Two lonely people, who noticed each other, and never acted upon it, until fate steps in.

Ryan needed a wife, on the quick of a dime, and he knew "old reliable," (Faith) would bail his behind out. However, he never knew his "plain Jane," assistant would strike up the match to kindle his desire for her.

Faith is unlike any woman Ryan has ever laid in bed with. She's never been with a man before, and is willing to give Ryan one of the most precious and special gifts a woman could bestow upon a man, her virginity. Only if he waits three months to receive it. Since Ryan prefers his women seasoned, the allure of being Faith's first becomes extreme intriguing to him. And intensifies the endless sparks of fire, in the realm of passion he feels for her. With no signs of ever dissipating, even when he does enter her hidden treasure.

Ryan thought he knew all he needed to know about getting a woman in bed, lavish jewelry, luxurious trips to exotic places, & etc., well he was DEAD WRONG!! Like any woman, Faith enjoyed the gifts she received from Ryan, however, they were impersonal and didn't quite come from the heart. In the long run, it was she who seduced him, with her naivety and inexperience. Having him to discover his true feelings and experiencing things he never knew existed between a man and woman, LOVE.

I can understand why certain people believe this novel is a typical Cinderella Story, yet it's extremely exciting to discover the dynamics between these diverse individuals. Faith isn't poor, she's exceptionally content and financial stable with the life she's lead until marrying Ryan. And Ryan is exceedingly reserve regarding his feelings for anyone, he would absolutely prefer to be impersonal with everyone he comes into contact with. Yet he is tremendously honorable.

Faith had been infatuated with Ryan since the day he interviewed her for her job, and he had been fascinated with Faith even before her transformation, yet to catch a glimpse of his beautiful duckling in her wedding dress. It is then, at that precise moment, their adventure begins.

I utterly believe I'm going to be obsessed with the other novels written by Ms. Burton. She's going to become one of my favorite new authors. I highly relished the way she wrote these characters, they were relatively easy to understand, the reasons for their solitude. And their trials and tribulations were true to real life, and nothing seemed to be off base. Instead of other writers, who leave the reader wondering, what in God's name were they trying to describe. Not the case with Ms. Burton, well done. This novel DESERVES WELL BEYOND A 10 STAR RATING!!

Alison Paige's "Tame Horses Wild Hearts"

Wild Hearts Indeed!

Sparks fly from the moment Kate & Joe meet, and never cease, not even until the very end.

For Kate, thanks to her father's miserable influence, never giving her the love, affection, or stability, that her mother didn't even bother giving her, when she walked out of her life. Instead he treated her as a priceless artifact, throwing money her way, and above all thinking he could buy her happiness.

Well Kate learned how to retaliate. Since the tender age of fourteen, she mastered the skill of taking her heart of the equation when having sex with another.

Unfortunately Joe's history isn't even better, having to deal with an absentee father, a mother who was never satisfied, and was drunk most of the time. He utterly managed to screw up every single relationship he had ever been in.

The Emotional Dynamics between Joe & Kate are irrefutable, they feed off of each other, and are able to heal the deep-rooted wounds left behind by their selfish parents.

Throughout this novel, you'll be rooting for these two strong willed individuals. Even though initially the casual sex between Joe & Kate is SIZZLING HOT!! It's not until midway through the story, it becomes intriguingly something more. Having you on the edge of your seat, especially when Kate's life hangs in the balance.

Once again I didn't have to flip to the other pages to discover when it would get interesting, Ms. Paige delivered it in every single page. I will never look at another horse in the same light ever again. I'll let you speculate, the hidden meaning behind that.


Julie James' "Something About You"


There's "Something About You," I just can't put my finger on it?

Could it be that you'll laugh your derriere off? How about the lustful desires you mange to project upon yourself? Like, having a provocatively gorgeous FBI agent follow you around in & out of the bedroom? { >;o)~ Devilishly Wicked Grin } Or the constant "word fencing" between Jack & Cameron, causing you to beg them to descend upon their sexual frustrations they posses for one another?

Well all three were a definite "YES!" for me. I immensely enjoyed this novel. It was a quick, delightful, & gratifying read. And the legal logistics were fascinating as well.

My only complaint was that Ms. James revealed who the culprit was early on; however, she didn't disclose his/her motives. I would have undoubtedly preferred to be surprised at the end. Yet, overall it was an EXCELLENT story.


Inez Kelley's "Jinxed"

Every Woman Should Get Jinxed!

Lately every novel I've read thus far, published by Samarian has been beyond my expectations. With this story it was utterly PERFECT.

It was hilarious (with scenes including an airplane flight, tampons, a restaurant, and her narcoleptic cat, those scenes I almost peed my pants), and many others. The emotional level was intensely high, (you actually needed a tissue box at close range) the tender, precious moments were memorable. And above all the love scenes were earth-shattering, ground-breaking, combustions. Forget about having someone on speed dial for a booty-call, as it is described in the back of the book. If you didn't have a good vibrator in hand, or a warm body next to you, you were literally screwed.

Normally it takes the male/hero to come to the revelation that the woman/heroine has possessed every aspect of his heart, mind, body, and soul; with this tale, the tables were reverse. It was refreshing to see a man gravel for the woman's attention, squirm his way into her lifestyle, and undoubtedly making her realize he was more a necessity than just a means to an end.

Jinx is definitely, without a doubt an alpha-male, yet the exuberant amount of admiration, devotion, and undeniable love, he is willing to give to Frannie was inspiring. Even when Frannie desperately tried to contradict every, single, thing, Jinx did, and still his love for her shined through. But despite all that, both he and Frannie made sure every second they spent together was ultimately their last, was essentially beautiful.

I extremely, and immensely enjoyed this story, I would highly recommend it to any HOPELESS ROMANTIC, like me. Well done Ms. Kelley, this absolutely DESERVES WELL BEYOND A 5 STAR RATING!!

Lora Leigh's & Veronica Chadwick's "Law & Order: Moving Violations"


I paid close to $30 for this novel (brand-new), due to the fact that it was no longer in print. I WOULD'VE PAID 5X'S THAT AMOUNT JUST TO GET A CHANCE OF READING IT!!

The sexual, carnal, cravings that Jackson & Becca posses for one another never cease from the moment they first kiss, until their happily ever after, in the end.

The superb collabration of Ms. Leigh & Ms. Chadwick was undeniably flawless. I literally didn't have to skip ahead and read other pages, as I usual do, to wait for the THRILLING, ACTION-PACKED SUSPENSE, the BRAZEN moments between the lead characters involved, and the INDISPUTABLE LOVE to reveal itself. All of it was delivered within every single page.

I will never look at Vegitables or any other types of produce in the same light ever again, without saturating my own panties, by a mere glance.


Hannah Howell's "Wild Conquest"

An Invigoratingly Impassioned Novel!

It has been truly gratifying reading a novel written so artistically beautiful, as this one was. Once I began reading it, I was unable to cease. Especially when Ms. Howell was describing in full detail the art of love making. Using indulging words regarding one's own body part, instead of the usual vulgar words other authors write in their books. Making the whole experience blissfully magical.

Ms. Howell's writing also made me feel as though I was listening to a peaceful, spell-binding, unforgettable sonnet. Causing me to desire being alone w/Tearlach in our own secluded cabin hidden deep within the woods.

The chemistry between Tearlach and Pleasance is breathtakingly fascinating, from the moment they first meet, to when they finally succumb to the earth-shattering truth that either would ultimately die for one another.

I completely adored every single page of this novel, it literally had me on the edge of my seat, waiting to discover what would occur to Pleasance, Tearlach, and Moira (Tearlach's younger sister). It possessed many twists and turns, and was intriguingly zealous.