Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miss Firecracker by Lorelei James

"Another Ravenous, Zealous, Tale from the Astounding Lorelei James!!"

Willow Gregory woke up in Blake West's bed with absolutely no recollection of what transpired the night before. Especially the part of the night where she miraculously  threw off her clothes, since they're hanging from the ceiling fan. She's harboring a nasty hangover, & completely nekkid to boot!

Blake West being a complete gentleman, never took advantage of the nekkid ex-beauty queen lounging in his bed.

Even though the he swears next time she appears there, she won't be so lucky. Blake will undoubtedly unleash his carnal desires upon her, and won't be able to stop! For those luscious curves, able breast, & squeezable bottom have been beckoning him in.

It's going to be ultimately impossible to be within the proximity of her for the duration of the penalty that has been bestowed upon her, for wrecking his best friend's bar. Because there's no doubt in his mind that Willow won't be his. He just needs to strategize his next move.

Well it's unfathomable to Willow that she would lose complete and utter control of her anger & drinking ability to destroy something that didn't belong to her. This behavior was uncanny to her. What could have possibly occurred last night, since she must pay her debt to society?

Ms. James is the Ultimate "Spinderella," who can spin words into top 10 songs, beautiful & breathtaking memories, and without-a-doubt into  GOLDEN story-lines!

No one can write Erotic Western Romances better than LJ, I just can't get enough!

Just when I think I've enjoyed this novel more than the one I previously read by her, I'm dying for more! This woman is on FIRE w/her writing! She ALWAYS deserves nothing short of a 10 stars rating!

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