Friday, November 4, 2011

Anne Stuart's "Ruthless (The House of Rohan)"

Being Lascivious with Rohan aka "King of Hell," Hum-Yummy!

Exactly one year ago to the day, my adventure begun into the MAGICAL & WONDERFUL VIRTUOUS World of Historical Romance. With "Mine Till Midnight," by Lisa Kleypas, I was able to explore the BEAUTIFUL Romance of Amelia Hathaway & Cam Rohan. I never would've imagined in a million years that I would be reading another novel a year later with the same given name to the hero in this book. It's extremely bizarre how fate works!

The STRONG convictions I felt for "Mine Till Midnight," I feel the same for this novel. I vastly overestimated this fable, I automatically assumed that Viscount Rohan would be maliciously cruel, and destructive, yet he was far from that revelation. He had become somewhat of a Guardian Angel to Elinor and her family. Instead of the wicked Fallen Angel everyone considered him to be, including himself. However, Rohan was extremely direct with his LICENTIOUS RENDEZOUS he undoubtedly preferred. And how Elinor would be a hindrance to him more than anything else. Yet through TRUE fervor along with the LOVE & DEVOTION from a MAGNANIMOUS WOMAN, could CONVERT THE WORST SINNER TO SAINTHOOD!

The only aspect regarding the word RUTHLESS in this novel was the life Elinor dwelled in. Thanks to her treacherous and selfish mother, Lady Caroline. Fortunately if it weren't for Lady Caroline's clandestine tryst, being held in honor for the "Heavenly Host," located at Viscount Rohan's chateau, he and Elinor would've never encountered each other. ONCE AGAIN FATE IS TO BLAME!

This was my first Anne Stuart novel, and without a doubt it was beyond my very expectations. I tremendously LOVED it, along with Lydia & Charles Reading PASSIONATE interlude, and the prequel to this series, "The Wicked House of Rohan."


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