Friday, November 4, 2011

Lisa Kleypas' "Then Came You"

Life Was Meaningless Until You Arrived, Should Be the Title of this Novel!

The description located on the back cover of this novel is a facade, a ploy to tantalize you into purchasing it. Once you're captured, it snares your mind, and every thought you possess. Keeping you trapped against your will of ever escaping. Even this review will not reveal it's concealed mysteries.However I will tell you, the hidden indulgent moments, and the sexual escapades between Alex & Lily, have by far surpassed every expectation I had. Lily is an independent hellcat, a spitfire, rebellious, defiant, determined, and intelligent woman. Once meeting Alex, initially Lily presumes he's nothing more than a cold-hearted brute, who will eventually cause emotional and possible physical harm toward her sister, Penelope, if they marry.
Since Lily & Alex constantly clash, and are at each other's throats most of the time, the ignited sparks of fire that burn between them never cool down. Alex being the controlled, sophisticated gentlemen becomes this unworldly passionate, lustful creature. Diminishing all of Lily's defenses. He literally is the epitome of what all women want, or possess in their husbands or lovers. Besides being a protector, and possessing the financial stability to live in one's lifestyle. Ultimately it's the acceptance of never, ever changing the woman they've become. Now that's a true treasure to behold.
If you enjoy Lisa Kleypas's other novels, this one will not disappoint you, I promise. In my book, she ALWAYS DESERVES WELL BEYOND A 5 STAR RATING

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