Friday, November 4, 2011

L. J. Smith's "The Initiation & The Captive," (Secret Circle Series #1-2)


Cassie is like any other girl who starts a new school. Feeling out of place; being made fun of & picked on; & at times getting into trouble (not by her fault either). It's not until she meets the most beautiful & popular girl in the school, Diana, & is welcomed by most of the members of her so-called club. Well this club isn't like any other, all the members are descendants of witches, even the boys, hence the Secret Circle.
Even though Cassie is now fitting in she's still a little unhappy, because she cannot stop thinking about the boy (Adam) she met over the summer. The one who she has this inexplicable connection to & she develops this yearning desire for him. She doesn't know when or how she'll ever see him again. Then one night the coven has a meeting, she gets a surprise by a certain member who has been away for awhile.
When Adam doesn't immediately go to Cassie, instead to Diana, she comes to the realization that Adam is taken. Diana & Adam are together. What is a girl to do? Does Cassie sacrifice possiblity the love of her life or the relationship with the one person who saved her from being an ultimate outcast? Well I'll let you discover what happens next, but I promise you this, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
In every single story L.J. Smith writes, you are sucked into the world she's describing. You fall madly in love with the characters & the story line. To the point that you're unable to stop reading, thinking, & even dreaming about them. She has all the right components of every book i love to read. From romance, action-adventure, drama, & a life lession you take with you.
If you're a huge Stephenie Meyer's Fan or Twilight Fan, you will fall in love with L.J. Smith & her several books. The stories are completely different, but it has the same passion, action, & descriptive writing. You will have the same intense infactuation to them, as I have. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book along with all the other books L.J. Smith has written.

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