Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dirty Deeds by Lorelei James

***This is NOT my Official Review for this novel, hence I haven't finished reading it as of yet!!***

***(This is the Cover Jacket)***
DIRTY DEEDS...when good, clean fun isn't an option. Just once, good girl Tate Cross wants to experience a red-hot, no-strings-attached affair. She's temporarily left her graphic artist position in Denver to settle her aunts estate in Spearfish, South Dakota. However, Tate receives a city mandate: she must comply with new landscaping regulations before she can resell the property. Given Tates precarious finances, she asks her friend, Val for advice. Val swears her brother owner of a local construction company, and a man well-versed in purely physical relationships might consider trading dirt work for art lessons. When Tate meets the mysterious Casanova, can she convince him to toss in a few sex lessons as well? Nathan LeBeau believes few women look at the Native American man beneath the filthy work clothes and hard hat. He's kept past liaisons casual fact his sister shared, hence Tates sexy proposition of wanting a hands on demonstration of his sexpertise. But in truth, he's tired of relationships based solely on sex. His goal of proving he's not completely hopeless in matters of the heart is second only to his dream of expanding his business. What happens when Tate desires no-holds-barred sex and Nathan favors a good old-fashioned romance? A battle of wills ensues. And Tate is willing to get down and dirty to get what she wants. Warning, this title contains the following: steamy, explicit sex told in contemporary, graphic language.

When I first read the book's cover jacket, I expected it to be so outlandish, that someone in their right mind would've ever consider making a "devils bargain," in exchange for sex.

But by God, if I were single, I'd leap for the chance. Nathan LeBeau, is the epitome of my Native American fantasies, midnight braided hair, honey-golden eyes, & a reddish-brown chiseled physic caused by his ethnicity & extended work activities, gets me all tingly inside. And the connection he automatically had with Tate, just by one single touch, had me on FIRE!

I've ONLY read the 1st two chapters and I'm desperate for more! And I didn't get to the wrecking-ball of sexcapades yet, 'cause let's face it, LJ wrote this story so it's gonna be OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD ORGASMIC!!       >;o)~~~~~~~~~~

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