Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hip-Hip Hooray, for Lorelei James' One Night Rodeo, #29 on NY Times Bestsellers List!!

Congratulations are in order for Lorelei James, as per her blog (, One Night Rodeo, hit the NY Times Bestsellers List as #29 for ebooks!! Ms. James definitely deserves this GREAT achievement for she writes UNFORGETTABLE, INSATIABLE, & RAVENOUS characters, who we (the reader), take with us and CHERISH within our HEARTS!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sean Faris Will Star in 'Christmas for Holly!'

An announcement has been made, for who will take the lead role of Mark Nolan, in Lisa Kleypas', Christmas at Friday Harbor. Sean Faris, who is best known as Jake Tyler, in 2008's action-packed/drama, Never Back Down. Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions has renamed the movie to, 'Christmas for Holly.'

As per Lisa Kleypas' facebook page the movie will be aired on ABC on December 9, 2012. For more information please visit the following links:

***I do not own the picture listed above of Sean Faris, it was taken from an internet search***

Monday, August 13, 2012

Maya Banks released the cover to 'Theirs to Keep,' The Tangled Heart Series, Book #1

Maya Banks just released on her Facebook page the cover of, Theirs to Keep:The Tangled Heart Series, #1. It will be released in digital format ONLY on October 16, 2012. To view the cover here's the link to Maya's Facebook page:

And for a full synopsis of this novel, please check out her website:

Pictures from Kim Rocha's Book Obsessed Chicks Event with Sarah MacLean

Once again, I had the pleasure of being surrounded by such amazing women, who are all as passionate as I am regarding my romance novel favorites. . . Thank You to the Kim & the ladies @ Book Obsessed Chicks for making me feel at home, and part of the gang. . .

I was also ECSTATIC to meet the EXTRAORDINARY Sarah MacLean, who has been an avid reader of romance novels since a very young age. . The conversations that we all had with her were extremely memorable, and fascinating. Ms. MacLean was tremendously down to earth, and very easy to talk to. . . She described to us her latest novel, One Good Earl Deserves a Lover:The Second Rule of Scoundrels to be released on Janurary 29, 2013 (once a cover is available I will post it). It's predecessor to, A Rogue by Any Other Name: The First Rule of Scoundrels,  which has received acclaimed reviews. She also shared her favorite authors, and most memorable experiences, overall it was an extremely wonderful evening.

**Thank You Kim for the pictures!!**

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sarah MacLean @ Book Obsessed Chicks Event!

I'm EXTREMELY EXCITED, I'll be heading out soon to another Obsessed Book Chicks Event with Sarah MacLean. . . Check back in a few days for pictures :o)~~

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review for 'Jillian's Job,' by Fran Lee!!

“Good Things or Men Come to Those Who Wait!!”

Jillian has been employed by Michael Furie as his personal assistant. Within the past seven years, she has had to run interference for him. For instance at the precise moment, while hosting a luxurious affair at his Aspen home, needing Jillian’s assistance in aiding him as he firmly removes the claws attached to his hide, belonging to his latest vixen, trying desperately to acquire her latest meal ticket.

Mr. Furie has the jet, limo, and a quick stop to a couture designer on standby waiting for Jillian to make her appearance known. Nevertheless, Jillian is furious that she needs to attend this grand gala, to save his derriere yet again, and to top it all off he has the audacity to be rescued on the same weekend her family has planned a birthday party in her honor. Well Jillian has plans of her own when she arrives in Aspen, Michael will be paying out of the ying-yang, for his latest blunder.

Yet when the anger and the dust settle, who truly will be knocked for a loop?

Oh Ms. Lee, your writing has left my loins completely quivering for my own eruption(s). Your heroes are RAVENOUSLY INSATIABLE with their love-making. It feels as though they cannot breathe without their heroines. It’s TRULY & UNDENIABLY INSPIRING, to be possessed by an alpha male with that much INFATUATION, causing the reader to stake claim on a vigilant male with those qualifications, as she seeks him out on her very own scavenger hunt.

Your novels also has my favorite elements infused within them, my 3 ‘S’ Factors = SIZZLING, SCORCHING, SEX!




**Woman on Fire—Fran Lee
**My Sexy Sensei—Fran Lee
**Whatever You Like—Maureen Smith
**Law & Disorder: Moving Violations—Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick
**Saddled & Spurred: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel, #2—Lorelei James
**Wrangled & Tangled: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel, #3—Lorelei James
**One Night Rodeo: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel, #4—Lorelei James
**Miss Firecracker—Lorelei James
**All Jacked Up: Rough Riders Series, #8—Lorelei James
**Reckless—Maya Banks
**Game for Seduction—Bella Andre

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Quick Shout Out to Lorelei James' One Night Rodeo!

Please check out Lorelei James' blog:

If you find great pleasure viewing her book cover for, One Night Rodeo, please cast your vote at RT Book Reviews Magazine, ALL VOTES ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

***I have NOT been paid by anyone for the above content in this post, I'm just a HUGE FAN of Lorelei James!***

Review for 'Woman on Fire,' by Fran Lee!

"Flames Never Felt So Good! Another Euphoric Rapturous Novel by the Brilliant Ms. Lee!"

Two vast individuals with a common destiny. . .

Azrael Thunder Horse was born American Indian, he has rediscovered his long forgotten heritage, accepting his demons of the past to forge a future by becoming celibate. Divulging all his time, energy, and some of his finances, as principal of the Lakota school in Fort Yates, North Dakota.

Azrael has been a firm believer that the Lakota people should be joined to one another, and not allow any Anglo's to interfere or distract them from their goals.

Therefore when he discovers the faux pas he made on hiring the red-haired, azure eyed, bombshell standing before him. Azrael knows he's in a load of trouble, especially when his insides are combusting into a million pieces, with just coasting his eyes upon her succulent body, ready to be devoured by his hidden animalistic fantasies.

Cheyenne Red Wolf has been harboring a desire to be a full-blooded American Indian, yet her genetics has made that virtually impossible. Nevertheless, she has the heart and the knowledge to be taken seriously as the Native American Studies teacher. She has been taught the beliefs of the Lakota people by her step-father Frank Red Wolf.

However, even though Mr. Thunder Horse has tried to fire Ms. Red Wolf, Cheyenne will be challenged into a battle for her position. Yet who will become victorious in this war?

Especially when losing one's heart to the ONLY person who can cause nothing but an electric shock to zigzag throughout their body with just one glare. Imagine a lifetime, of delirious sexcapades with that one person would bring forth!

Ms. Lee has done it again, casting an unbreakable spell upon her readers with her amazing writing abilities. Describing in full detail the raw emotions, and sexual gratification the hero and heroine possesses for one another. Causing the reader to walk in a trance-like state for the duration of the day and night. Unable to concentrate on any singular thing until the entire novel is DEVOURED!


Other Recommended Novels:
**Jillian's Job--Fran Lee
**Double Your Pleasure--Fran Lee
**Colters' Woman: Colters Legacy--Maya Banks
**Brazen--Maya Banks
**Rode Hard, Put Up Wet--Lorelei James
**Dirty Deeds--Lorelei James
**Wrangled & Tangled: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel--Lorelei James
**Tame Horses Wild Hearts--Alison Paige
**Game for Seduction--Bella Andre