Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review for 'Woman on Fire,' by Fran Lee!

"Flames Never Felt So Good! Another Euphoric Rapturous Novel by the Brilliant Ms. Lee!"

Two vast individuals with a common destiny. . .

Azrael Thunder Horse was born American Indian, he has rediscovered his long forgotten heritage, accepting his demons of the past to forge a future by becoming celibate. Divulging all his time, energy, and some of his finances, as principal of the Lakota school in Fort Yates, North Dakota.

Azrael has been a firm believer that the Lakota people should be joined to one another, and not allow any Anglo's to interfere or distract them from their goals.

Therefore when he discovers the faux pas he made on hiring the red-haired, azure eyed, bombshell standing before him. Azrael knows he's in a load of trouble, especially when his insides are combusting into a million pieces, with just coasting his eyes upon her succulent body, ready to be devoured by his hidden animalistic fantasies.

Cheyenne Red Wolf has been harboring a desire to be a full-blooded American Indian, yet her genetics has made that virtually impossible. Nevertheless, she has the heart and the knowledge to be taken seriously as the Native American Studies teacher. She has been taught the beliefs of the Lakota people by her step-father Frank Red Wolf.

However, even though Mr. Thunder Horse has tried to fire Ms. Red Wolf, Cheyenne will be challenged into a battle for her position. Yet who will become victorious in this war?

Especially when losing one's heart to the ONLY person who can cause nothing but an electric shock to zigzag throughout their body with just one glare. Imagine a lifetime, of delirious sexcapades with that one person would bring forth!

Ms. Lee has done it again, casting an unbreakable spell upon her readers with her amazing writing abilities. Describing in full detail the raw emotions, and sexual gratification the hero and heroine possesses for one another. Causing the reader to walk in a trance-like state for the duration of the day and night. Unable to concentrate on any singular thing until the entire novel is DEVOURED!


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