Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review for 'Jillian's Job,' by Fran Lee!!

“Good Things or Men Come to Those Who Wait!!”

Jillian has been employed by Michael Furie as his personal assistant. Within the past seven years, she has had to run interference for him. For instance at the precise moment, while hosting a luxurious affair at his Aspen home, needing Jillian’s assistance in aiding him as he firmly removes the claws attached to his hide, belonging to his latest vixen, trying desperately to acquire her latest meal ticket.

Mr. Furie has the jet, limo, and a quick stop to a couture designer on standby waiting for Jillian to make her appearance known. Nevertheless, Jillian is furious that she needs to attend this grand gala, to save his derriere yet again, and to top it all off he has the audacity to be rescued on the same weekend her family has planned a birthday party in her honor. Well Jillian has plans of her own when she arrives in Aspen, Michael will be paying out of the ying-yang, for his latest blunder.

Yet when the anger and the dust settle, who truly will be knocked for a loop?

Oh Ms. Lee, your writing has left my loins completely quivering for my own eruption(s). Your heroes are RAVENOUSLY INSATIABLE with their love-making. It feels as though they cannot breathe without their heroines. It’s TRULY & UNDENIABLY INSPIRING, to be possessed by an alpha male with that much INFATUATION, causing the reader to stake claim on a vigilant male with those qualifications, as she seeks him out on her very own scavenger hunt.

Your novels also has my favorite elements infused within them, my 3 ‘S’ Factors = SIZZLING, SCORCHING, SEX!




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  1. Another fabulous review! Thanks so much for reading and loving my books!