Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I've Been Reading Lately!

Still reading, "The Pleasure of Your Kiss," by Teresa Medeiros. Yet I've also started one of her other novels as well. I ordered, "Thief of Hearts," lastweek at Barnes and Nobles. The e-book was $7.99 so I decided to buy the paperback for $4.99 instead. Yes, I saved $3.00 but I really should have bought the e-book anyway, for it's been awhile since I've read a novel produced by Mass Market Paperback. Some of the pages were so light, it made it extremely difficult to read.

Nevertheless, I drudged on, and I've been overwhelemed by emotion, the perilous passion, and the unhindered ability to crave every nuance of Ms. Medeiros written word. It is extremely descriptive, that at times I had to go back and retrieve the last sentence I read. For if one unconscious thought on a different subject crossed my mind, I was utterly lost. I literally had no choice to give this novel my undivided attention, and once I did, I couldn't cease from reading it.

Ms. Medeiros reminds me of the breathtakingly beautiful historical romance authors: Hannah Howell, Emma Wildes, and Anne Stuart with their descriptive writing, as though I'm reading a sonnet.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Attn: Lorelei James' Fans Please Read! Don't Miss Out!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review for "Charming the Prince," by Teresa Medeiros



The mystical and legendary warrior, Lord Bannor the Bold, of Elsinore has returned home as a widower, to develope a long-lasting kindship with his twelve children, since the war with the French has now ceased.

However, Lord Bannor couldn't believe his eyes, that such a feat would be accomplished without any guidance or assistance from another. Until he becomes the main source of his hoard of misfits wayward behavior.

Bannor sends his steward, Sir Hollis to obtain a proper and worthy mother and a homely bride for himself, because he NO longer wishes to create any more demon spawns with his beneficial seed. For rumor has it, by just one quick glance into Bannor's eyes, could cause any fair maiden to become pregnant with his child.

Long and behold after combing all of England, Sir Hollis finally caught a view of a DEVINE creature, someone who resembles the Madonna.

Lady Willow of Bellington, long ago desired a mother as well. Someone who possessed a kind hearted disposition, who would take her under her wing, and teach her all that was to be learned by a mother's love. However, what she received was her very own nightmare. The woman who became her, "mother," treated Willow nothing more a than a servant/nursemaid, who couldn't be bothered with formalities of being the one person she craved the most. Willow's own father never prosecuted his new flushing bride, due to the treacherous behavior she bestowed upon his ONLY child produced in a LOVEABLE marriage. He stepped aside while condemning Willow to the life of servitude, of taking care of her venomous step-sisters and step-brothers. Willow would like nothing more than her freedom, but with her current situation, she was unlike to come across such liberties.

Until Sir Hollis makes an offer for Willow that NO one could refuse!

When Willow arrives to Elsinore, she couldn't believe her fortune, for she was finally FREE! However, with all freedom comes a hefty price.

Willow is a SPITFIRE, WORD SWASH-BUCKLING, VIXEN. 'Causing NOTHING but a TEMPTATION within Bannor's well concealed heart. Matching his every whim to persuade her to venture a different direction - - - only to realize his third wife might have what it takes to CAPTURE his devilish imps of children, and himself in a VISE of INDISPUTABLE LOVE!

**Beatrix was a much vital distraction to this novel, especially when all you wanted to do was knock some sense into Bannor & Willow.**

Such MAGNANIMOUS Men ONLY Exist in the Realm of a Fantastic Medieval Romance or for that matter a romance novel in general. WELL DONE MS. MEDEIROS THIS NOVEL DESERVES NOTHING SHORT OF A 10 STAR RATING!