Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I've Been Reading Lately!

Still reading, "The Pleasure of Your Kiss," by Teresa Medeiros. Yet I've also started one of her other novels as well. I ordered, "Thief of Hearts," lastweek at Barnes and Nobles. The e-book was $7.99 so I decided to buy the paperback for $4.99 instead. Yes, I saved $3.00 but I really should have bought the e-book anyway, for it's been awhile since I've read a novel produced by Mass Market Paperback. Some of the pages were so light, it made it extremely difficult to read.

Nevertheless, I drudged on, and I've been overwhelemed by emotion, the perilous passion, and the unhindered ability to crave every nuance of Ms. Medeiros written word. It is extremely descriptive, that at times I had to go back and retrieve the last sentence I read. For if one unconscious thought on a different subject crossed my mind, I was utterly lost. I literally had no choice to give this novel my undivided attention, and once I did, I couldn't cease from reading it.

Ms. Medeiros reminds me of the breathtakingly beautiful historical romance authors: Hannah Howell, Emma Wildes, and Anne Stuart with their descriptive writing, as though I'm reading a sonnet.

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