Friday, November 4, 2011

Lorelei James' "Shoulda Been a Cowboy (Rough Riders, #7)


A Homerun Out of the Park Kind of Book! 10 Stars & More!

**The Perfect Novel for this Memorial Day Weekend! Unlike any other War-Hero Romance Novel Written!**

***Nothing But Sweet Unadulterated Lovin', Tons of Heart & Emotion, & Some of the Best Ingredients Ever Infused within this Amazing Western Family. A River of Love that Never Dries!***

Cam McKay, the youngest son out of the "Notorious McKay Clan," returns home a wounded Soldier, missing part of his leg & a pinky. Besides having to deal with his physical battle wounds, he's also trying to be the man he once was. Unfortunately, that man is lost within the shuffle of the men & women who return from war. They are NEVER the person they left as, the horrors they witness & are involved in, & coming to the conclusion that there's a COST to our FREEDOM, it isn't something easy to swallow.

Cam is determined to shun his family out of his life, to only speak to Colt & Keely, but NOT to be involved with any other family activities. He prefers to be on his own, to live in absolute solitude. Yet that is extremely difficult to do since he's a Sheriff in the town he resides in as well as most of his family members too.

Domini Katzinski was an orphan from Ukraine, who eventually became a US Citizen, she lived with Nadia & Anton (from Skylar & Kade McKay's Story---"Tied Up, Tied Down.") for a while, & then found her own place. She manages Dewy's Restaurant (which is mentioned in Carter & Maci McKay's story---Rode Hard, Put Up Wet), and is also located in the same building as AJ McKay's Message Therapy, & Skylar & India McKay's shared businesses.

Since Cam speaks with Colt who is India's husband, it was kind of inevitable that Cam would eventually stroll into Dewy's and lay eyes upon Domini. Cam knew Domini would be perfect for in & out of his bed. But what he didn't realize is once they began their sexcapades, would it be just sex between them or something else entirely.

This was unlike any other war-hero romance novel I've read thus far, usually it's the hero who pushes away the heroine to the point you as the reader become utterly infuriated with him. It takes most of the novel when he comes to the realization that she is his, "SAVING GRACE," and he eventually allows the barriers to be depilated. Definitely NOT the case with Cam & Domini.

Domini will NOT allow Cam to shield himself away from her. She pries away the layers of his self-preservation. She couldn't care less that he is missing certain body parts, she wants to know the man within. And for him to be COMPLETELY HONEST and TRUTHFUL to her.

Yet as much as Cam is determined to no longer shelter himself from Domini, she is HARBORING her own SECRETS. Fearing she would lose Cam if he knew the truth.

My conclusion was WAY-OFF base, but I was right about what occurs to Domini when she's a child. But sorry, I don't KISS & TELL!

Besides this being a love story between Cam & Domini, Ms. James also incorporates Anton's story as well. Which ends up being a much needed camaraderie to this novel. It conclusively brought forth an immense amount of HEALING to everyone involved, INCLUDING the rest of the McKay Clan. I've laughed my derriere off several times, & I've also cried (tears of sadness & intense JOY!)


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