Friday, November 4, 2011

Maya Banks' "Colters' Woman (Colters' Legacy)"

Another Grab the Closest Warm Body Next to You Kind of Book! SINFULLY HOT, OUCH!

I have no idea how Ms. Banks turns a simple blank piece of paper, into GOLD, with its WHIRL-WIND of EMOTIONS, GRATIFYING ACTION/SUSPENSE, & EROTIC HEAT!

It's usually very difficult for most authors to write about a torrid liaison with several different main characters involved--all the while, trying extremely hard NOT to confuse the reader. But the way Ms. Banks writes a SINGE-THE-PAGES HOT Ménage or in this case a Ménage quartos is CATASTROPHICALLY BREATHTAKING!

As I delved deeper into the storyline, I became envious of Holly. For I've been trying for years to have my husband fawn over my every move. She not just gets 1 man, but 3 diverse personalities, and TO-DIE-FOR GORGEOUS ALPHA-MALES TO DO SO, WHO-WEE!

Don't get me wrong, I know full well that this story is purely fictional, but I'm truly convinced it HAS TO DERIVE FROM SOMEWHERE!

These men (Adam, Ethan, & Ryan), were without-a-doubt willing to risk their lives for a woman they barely knew. But they knew in their hearts, just by ONE TOUCH, ONE GLANCE that she was the ONE & ONLY who could TRULY COMPLETE them as a WHOLE. The devotion that they possessed for Holly, was as equivalent to 1 husband to 1 wife, but UNFATHOMABLE from 3 husbands to 1 wife. (Which technically is extremely illegal in the USA, but this still being FICTION & ALL!)

Besides being infatuated with the way Ms. Banks writes, I feel a certain kinship to her-- when I'm enthralled into one of her novels, I feel as though I know exactly which direction she is going with the characters involved. As though I can finish her sentences without even continuing, as you would do with a best friend--know exactly where their heading by the conversation you're having. It's a strange feeling to have towards an author, especially if you never truly expected it to happen. It's especially bad, when I'm up late reading, and I TALK, LAUGH, and ANSWER the characters back OUT LOUD, causing a HUGE pillow to thrown in my direction by my husband.


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