Friday, November 4, 2011

Ellen Schreiber's, "Vampire Kisses"

**Original Written in 2010**

ALLURING, CHARMING, & ON THE EDGE OF UR SEAT EXCITING. Ur always wondering how Raven will escape her recent dilemma.

Raven is unlike any other girl, yet that's the appeal I have towards her & these books. (Vampire Kisses Series 1-6) She's a Spitfire, she's got a quick tongue to defend her friends, the love of her life Alexander, and herself from the feeble minded people who live in Dullsville. Especially towards her childhood nemesis Trevor. The passion Alexander & Raven possess is ENCHANTING. Their YEARNING for each other livestyles (Raven Vampire & Alexander Human) is much to be DESIRED. Ellen Schrieber's writing is SUPERB. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE WHOLE ENTIRE SERIES.

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