Friday, November 4, 2011

Lisa Kleypas' "Somone to Watch Over Me," (Bow Street Runners Series, #1)


I initially purchased this novel two months ago, before my mind was tightly wrapped within the whirlwind of the Wallflower & Hathaway Series. Every time I completed a book within those series, I would constantly glance and push aside this novel. And, still purhcase other Lisa Kleypas novels in the process.What an enormous mistake on my part. This novel has suited my needs completely. Having to deal with my own sibling frustrations within the past few months. This novel has opened my eyes regarding the behavior and characteristics of my sister and I possess. How devastatingly different we are, just as the main characters within this book. However the revelation of the fact, she and I can find true happiness with whatever we decide to do with our future; regardless, if one doesn't agree with the other. Thanks to Lisa Kleypas I have found immense comfort with this novel.
As usual I'm infatuated with every single novel written by Lisa Kleypas, I've read thus far. I'm extremely eager to continue with this series, and read the other novels by LK. Mrs. Kleypas is a distinguished, remarkable, talented, superlative novelist of all time, and one of my most favorite authors. UNDOUBTEDLY ALWAYS DESERVING A 5 & WELL BEYOND STAR RATING!!!

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