Friday, November 4, 2011

Lisa Kleypas' "Suddenly You"


Scoundrels, Rakes, Rogues, galore when reformed they become MAGNANIMOUS MEN, & ENTICINGLY APPETIZING HUSBANDS. This novel, Lady Sophia's Lover, & Devil in Winter, are by far the greatest erotic novels written by Lisa Kleypas, I've read thus far. Yes, it can be overwhelming explicit at times. And yes, I did blush & became embarassed; however, the revelation discoverd at the conclusion by Jack & Amanda is GROUNDBREAKINGLY EXQUISITE, well worth the read.Every single novel written by Lisa Kleypas, is overwhelmingly surprising, and I'm intensely infacuated with them. All the characters within in LK's series are basicly interlaced with each other, therefore, to fully comprehend them you should start with the first novels that were written. Don't do as I have, I started with Mine Until Midnight. And, I've been working backwards since; however, I'm extremely enthused with discovering the triumphs of the characters who have been mentioned. AS USUAL LK DESERVES A 5 STAR & BEYOND RATING!!

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