Friday, November 4, 2011

Alison Paige's "Tame Horses Wild Hearts"

Wild Hearts Indeed!

Sparks fly from the moment Kate & Joe meet, and never cease, not even until the very end.

For Kate, thanks to her father's miserable influence, never giving her the love, affection, or stability, that her mother didn't even bother giving her, when she walked out of her life. Instead he treated her as a priceless artifact, throwing money her way, and above all thinking he could buy her happiness.

Well Kate learned how to retaliate. Since the tender age of fourteen, she mastered the skill of taking her heart of the equation when having sex with another.

Unfortunately Joe's history isn't even better, having to deal with an absentee father, a mother who was never satisfied, and was drunk most of the time. He utterly managed to screw up every single relationship he had ever been in.

The Emotional Dynamics between Joe & Kate are irrefutable, they feed off of each other, and are able to heal the deep-rooted wounds left behind by their selfish parents.

Throughout this novel, you'll be rooting for these two strong willed individuals. Even though initially the casual sex between Joe & Kate is SIZZLING HOT!! It's not until midway through the story, it becomes intriguingly something more. Having you on the edge of your seat, especially when Kate's life hangs in the balance.

Once again I didn't have to flip to the other pages to discover when it would get interesting, Ms. Paige delivered it in every single page. I will never look at another horse in the same light ever again. I'll let you speculate, the hidden meaning behind that.


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