Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lisa Kleypas' Character Quizzes

I recently went online to Lisa Kleypas' website,, and took the quiz for which Wallflower, would I be: Daisy, Lillian, Annibelle, or Evie. From her books the "Wallflower Series."  Well this was the results:

You're most like:
Daisy Bowman
You are extremely loveable, with an idealistic and imaginative nature. Since you prefer to believe the best of people, you are, in a word, gullible. It is easy for you to disappear into a world of pleasant daydreams, or lose yourself completely in a book. However, you have a secret adventurous streak, and you are far more astute and wise than people give you credit for.
You would do well to find a husband whose worldly nature will balance your trusting one. He should also enjoy your flights of fancy and share your love of good conversation. When you finally fall in love, it will be more thrilling than your wildest dreams!

****Best trysting place : on a velvet-covered settee
***Most flattering color : yellow
****Best feature : your captivating eyes

There is ONLY 1 flaw, I've already fallen in LOVE, yet my adventure has been THRILLING more than my wildest dreams!!

I'm extremely THANKFUL, for the people in my life, my husband, my kids, my family, & YOU!! Thanks for listening!!

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