Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review for "Afterburn & Aftershock," by Sylvia Day!


It's been two years since Gianna Rossi & Jackson Rutledge were in the same room together. Ever since Jax devastated and crumpled Gia's heart and dream of having a perpetual relationship, he threw her away as though she was nothing more than a paramour, a dirty-little secret.
It's NOT until Gia is about the close a deal-of-a-lifetime, Jax parades back into her life, and infringes on her livelihood. Two can play at this game, for Gia is NOT the same easily manipulated girl Jax once knew. She's a fierce competitor and is unwilling to back down without a fight. Nevertheless if Gia doesn't win, what does she have left to lose--her sanity?

Nothing is as it seems, Jax is literally an enigma. A completely perplexing, inexplicable, mystery. His involvement with Gia's business affairs is not completely revealed until the very end. Therefore having you, the reader, to guess at every possible outcome.

Sylvia Day brings an intensity to her writing, like NO other. She has a way of possessing and capturing you, in a tight vise WITHOUT ever letting you go! Where OTHER authors will ONLY give us, a GLIMPSE of what truly occurs behind closed doors, they just STOP, leaving us dazed & confused. However Ms. Day UNDOUBTEDLY ventures out of the proverbial box, even though she might be ridiculed, she's still WILLING to take that CHANCE, and give us EXACTLY what we CRAVE!

When I initially began this novel, I stayed up until 3am, trying to consume just one more breathtaking moment shared by Gia & Jax. I NEVER wanted this story to end. It possessed similar attributes as Ms. Day's other novels, her "Crossfire Series," being one of them, along with my two other favorites: "All Revved Up (Wicked Reads)," & "Wish List."

I might also be partial to this story, for a few reasons. First Gia & I share the same surname, we both come from a similar STRONG & CLOSE KNIT Italian Family, and last but not least, this novel takes place in ONE of my MOST favorite cities, NYC!

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