Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review for 'Wrong Bed, Right Guy,' by Katee Robert

"Takin' the Bull By The Horns!"

 Elle Walser was exhausted of all the subtle hints she kept tossing in her boss' direction. Nathan Schultz is the ultimate gentlemen, who Elle could envision settling down with, have a couple of children, and truly be happy. However, Nathan wasn't understanding what Elle desperately tried to convey to him. So she takes matters into her own hands and conceives a scheme, to literally sneak into his bed one night, wear a scintillatingly sexy piece of lingerie that she wouldn't typically purchase for herself, and attempt some sort of seduction.

Occasionally the best orchestrated plans don't always have the best results, or DO THEY?

Unbeknownst to Elle, Nathan's older brother, Gabe is in town from Los Angeles, California, and staying with him for a short amount of time. As Elle strolls into Nathan's unlit bedroom, assuming he's asleep, she decides to just  crawl into the bed, and entice him with all she has planned. Yet, as soon as the SIZZLING connection between these two vast opposites become evident, it is VIRTUALLY impossible to break free from the enchanted spell that has been cast upon them.

Ms. Robert has conceived a SPECTACULAR  novel that I CONSUMED. Her writing abilities had me INTRIGUED from page ONE until the very END. Between the constant bickering between Elle & Gabe, as they bait each other back and forth with the many conversations and situations bestowed upon them, causing the reader to literally LAUGH-OUT-LOUD. To finally the most sincere, titillating moments they shared was truly breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!

 **The 'Highlander Scene' was the clincher for me, a past conversation I had with my hubby regarding an erotic novel I was reading at the time was verbatim, to this scene---I laughed so loud that strangers stared at me as though I was INSANE!  I UNDOUBTEDLY LOVE THAT REACTION when reading a really GREAT story!  >;o}~~


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