Friday, September 28, 2012

Congratulations to Sylvia Day's e-book, 'Bared to You,' Currently #10 NYT Bestsellers List!

Major Kudos goes outo Sylvia Day, for hitting the top #10 on NY Times Bestsellers List, for the ebook version of 'Bared to You: (A Crossfire Novel)!' With the much anticipated sequel, 'Reflected in You: (A Crossfire Novel),' in ebook format to be released on October 2, 2012, then with print version on October 23, 2012. Finally ending the year with 'Entwined with You: (A Crossfire Novel),' as of right now is listing the released date for both ebook & print on December 31, 2012, however, if that changes I will post!!

**Believe the 'HYPE,' regarding this novel, it's similar to E.L. James', '50 Shades of Grey,' yet UNPARALLELED to it! It's 10 X'S BETTER! Whatever you do, DON'T do as I have, and believe the IMBECILES who state that this novel, series, whichever, is an exact reproduction to Ms. James' masterpiece. If that was the fact, Ms. Day would be in violation of copyright infringements!! Make Your Own Decisions! When deciding which novels to read, if you're not interested within the first 100 pages, to me I don't bother with again!

However, getting back to 'Bared to You.' This story is written at a fast pace, with INSATIABLE erotic scenes that will leave you BREATHLESS, CRAVING your own release!! I'm am being HELD HOSTAGE, by Gideon & Eva's unquenchable thirst for one another, to the point I CANNOT concentrate on anything else during the day! I completely zone out, TRAPPED in my own fantasies staring Mr. Cross!**

I've already pre-order the remaining novels within this series!!

**Moving Violations: Law & Order by: Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick
**All Jacked Up: (Rough Riders, #8) by: Lorelei James
**Wrangled & Tangled: (A Blacktop Cowboys Novel, #3) by: Lorelei James
**Sweet Persuasion (Sweet Series, #2) by: Maya Banks
**Lady Sophia's Lover: (Bow Street Series, #2) by: Lisa Kleypas
**Blue Eyed Devil by: Lisa Kleypas
**Whatever You Like by: Maureen Smith
**Jillian's Job by: Fran Lee
**Game for Seduction by: Bella Andre
**Beautiful Disasters by: Jamie McGuire

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