Monday, July 1, 2013

Review for "Never Too Far," by Abbi Glines!

"Just As Spectacular As The 1st If NOT Better!"

Just when you think NOTHING can top the 1st novel, you are literally KNOCKED-UPSIDE-THE-HEAD by the continuation of this STUPENDOUS STORY!

We discover Blaire is back home in Sumit, AL, trying to decide if she made the correct decision on leaving Rush, especially when he has finally made his UNDYING declaration of LOVE to her.

However, Blaire is DESPERATELY seeking answers, and unfortunately the ONLY person who can provide them is NO longer alive. When an unlikely turn of events occur, sometimes coming home might NOT be the correct path to take.

When returning to Rosemary Beach, FL, Blaire is HARBORING her own SECRET. If it is discovered to soon, and Blaire is unable to give a full explanation, will anyone, especially Rush believe her OR will they think the horrible lies that were initially spread around town by Rush's family to be TRUE?

Only time will tell, but I can guarantee you WON'T be DISAPPOINTED by what occurs NEXT!

It's been AWHILE since I came back to this rather STRANGE & TWISTED LOVE story between these two remarkably VAST individuals. Nevertheless, I'm in AWE of what they BOTH MUST overcome to forge ahead to wherever their future MIGHT lead!
I'm NOT a patient person; therefore, I DESPISE cliffhangers. However, I will wait until the FINAL novel is RELEASED within a series in which I ABSOLUTELY ADORE. Even though I INSTANTANEOUSLY purchased EACH, and EVERY single book within this OUTSTANDING series, that's literally the reason why I haven't come back to Blaire & Rush's storyline!

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