Friday, May 17, 2013

Review for "Killer Kisses," by Chastity Bush

Beware of What Lurks in The Dark!

After being robbed in front of Tina James' adult establishment, "Happy," the last thing she wanted to do was give her statement to a bone-headed detective. Who's basically sizing her up to have a casual fling with, instead of taking her seriously of the travesty that recent occurred to her. After giving this detective a piece of her mind, she finds herself late at night on the dark & destitute streets of NYC, walking home with a serial killer on the lose---like the night couldn't get any worse.

Just then her knight-in-shining-armor arrives, well a drop "DEAD" gorgeous vampire on a shiny motorcycle arrives, to whisk her away to safety. However, is she safer on the streets with a lunatic roaming around  or on the bike of this mysterious man?

Once Alex Monroe sees this golden haired beauty, wearing a pair of high heeled boots, & knock-out body, he feels as though it's his duty as a respected man of the law, to make sure this angel is unscathed as soon as possible. What better way to guarantee that from happening is give her a lift to wherever she is headed. Only if he can convince Tina it's the best decision she should undoubtedly make.

Sparks immediately SINGE the pages with these two individuals. I was ENTHRALLED with this storyline, it was FAST PACE, & EXTREMELY DESCRIPTIVE. I IMMENSELY enjoyed that it possessed this INTENSE FIERY PASSION, NEVER ENDING ACTION & SUSPENSE, & above ALL MYSTERY. Everyone LOVES a GOOD MYSTERY!!  Ms. Bush has DEFINITELY delivered ALL of these aspects with this novel.

It's  been YEARS since I've read a paranormal romance (Adult or YA). This book was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! PHENOMENAL JOB MS. BUSH, WITHOUT-A-DOUBT 10 STARS!!

Recommended Novels:
**Adult Listing:
"Under The Blood Red Moon," by: Mina Hepsen
All of the "Midnight Breed Series 1-11," by: Lara Adrian
**YA Listing:
"The Coffin Club (Vampire Kisses, #5)," by: Ellen Schreiber
"Evermore (The Immortals Series, #1), " by: Alyson Noel **The ONLY novel I truly enjoyed by Ms. Noel**
"Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side," by: Beth Fantaskey
"The Twilight Saga Collection," by: Stephenie Meyer

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