Saturday, June 2, 2012

50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James

"Alas, I've Succumb To the 50 Shades Series!"
***Review based on 3/4 of Completion of This Novel!!***

A family member "LOANED," this PHENOMENAL book to me, because at the time I adamantly refused to purchase it. For exactly two reasons, I don't normally read what everyone else is--I tend to be my own judge of character and follow the beat of my own drum! And the other was I extremely support all the AMAZING authors who have written Erotic BDSM Romances before Ms. James, and thought their novels were SPECTACULAR! For example: Maya Banks'--Sweet Series, Cherise Sinclair--Master of the Mountain, & Lorelei James--Rough Riders Series--specially Cowboy Casanova!  

However, when I began to read the first chapter it was VIRTUALLY impossible to cease--I was HOOKED, REELED, & DEVOURED within minutes!

I haven't read a series involving the same storyline with characters who continue their EXPLORATION into what "LOVE" might bring forth throughout all three books--since I've completed the Twilight Series 4 years ago. I ABSOLUTELY possess the exact same conviction as I do with the beginning of this CATASTROPHIC series as I did with that one!

I'm IMMENSELY satisfied that Ms. Steele is stubborn and challenging Mr. Grey every step of the way, also concerning his extraordinary WICKED activities.

I've invested an EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT to Ms. Steele and Mr. Grey, one of which I'm not ready to depart from as of yet! I'm OVERZEALOUS of the fact I truly won't have to until the final novel.

My subconscious, she's SCREAMING at me from the top of her lungs, SCOLDING and ACCUSING me of being a HYPOCRITE, repeating to me--like a broken record, "I TOLD YOU SO!" While my inner goddess is secretly scribbling down notes!

Ms. James with this novel undoubtedly you deserve NOTHING SHORT of a 10 STAR RATING!!

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