Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Top 10 Pick's For This Valentine's Day!

First let me start with, "Wishing Everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!!"  >;o)~~~~  XOXO

The Greatest of All . . . . Is To Love . . . . & To Be Loved in Returned!! By Your Family, Friends, Pets, & Etc. al . . . . Love Heals All Wounds!!

Any-who, back to the subject at hand. I've enjoyed so many novels in the past few years, and narrowing them down was truly difficult for me to do. Therefore, some numbers have up to a 6-way-tie!

Let's start the list with:

10. --- "The Twilight Saga Complete Collection," by Stephenie Meyers --- I have to give major kudos to Ms. Meyers 'cause I wouldn't have continued reading books if it wasn't for these phenonmenal novels. I was HOOKED!

9. --- 2-Way-Tie! "Whitney, My Love," by Judith McNaught --- Ms. McNaught was recommended to me by my sister-in-law, Ginger --- HUGE XOXO! I remember it was my oldest son's 3rd bday party, and I would sneak away just to read one more page. Aftering reading, "Breaking Dawn," I knew I would be able to read anything including this novel, since it was over 700 pages long!

"Wild Conquest," by Hannah Howell --- Ms. Howell's writting was immensely, artistically beautiful. I felt as though I was listening to a peaceful, spell-binding, and an unforgettable sonnet!

8. --- "Under the Blood Red Moon," by Mina Hepsen --- This was my very 1st Adult Paranormal/Historicial Romance. After reading this novel, I was hooked on reading ONLY Adult Romance Novels.

7. --- 5-Way-Tie! "Rude Awakening," by Veronica Chadwick --- This novel was my 1st Espionage, FBI Romance. I was blow away, loved every minute, and was extremely pleased that Ms. Chadwick was willing to write the herione as a plus size woman, not looking for love, but was knocked right into it!

"Moving Violations: Law & Disorder," by Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick --- Also my 1st collaborated novel written by two outstanding authors. When I purchased this novel from Amazon.com it wasn't any longer in print, therefore, I purchased it brand-new for $30. I'm extremely glad I did 'cause at the time I would have probably paid more than 5x's that amount, just for a chance to read it!

"Jinxed," by Inez Kelley --- 'Til this day I still believe every women should get Jinxed! This novel was beyond hiliarious. The alpha-male possessed an exuberant amount of admiration, devotion, and undeniable love, he was willing to give to the herione just by a 1st glance. It was truly inspiring!

"Tame Horses Wild Hearts," by Alison Paige --- Wild hearts indeed! When the hero and herione first meet, sparks fly off the page! It was SIZZLING HOT!!

"Their One and Only," by Trista Ann Michaels --- My 1st Menage and definitely NOT my last!

6. --- "Game for Seduction," by Bella Andre --- When I initally read this novel it wasn't even football season what-so-ever, but since the GIANTS were winning, I kept coming back to read this novel. I've read it at least 4x's, and I never get tired of reading the same scenes over and over again! The numerous sexcapades were intense!

5. --- "Veil of Midnight," and "Midnight Awakening," by Lara Adrian --- It's been awhile since I've read a novel by Ms. Adrian, but I've still collected the rest of the books within the Midnight Breed Series.

When I began reading the first novel within this riveting series, it was around the 9th anniversary of my father's death. And every year 'til that point, I would get extremely depressed, and shut out the rest of the world. Yet when I read, "Kiss of Midnight," I was transported to this fictional place where this alien-vampire race protects all of man kind and their own race from a treacherous vampire out to destroy all in his path! It was an excellent distraction. I even have purchased, "Taken by Midnight," and "Darker After Midnight," via Ms. Adrian's website (http://www.laraadrian.com/) that were signed by her. I was beyond thrilled when I received them both!

4. --- "Holly Lane-A Destiny Novel, Letters to a Secret Lover, & Tempt Me Tonight," by Toni Blake --- These 3 novels are my all time favorite from Ms. Blake.

3. --- "Brazen, Sweet Persuasion, & Sweet Temptation," by Maya Banks

I received alot of criticism and no one has agreed with me for original review for, "Sweet Temptation," but I'm sorry but I truly enjoyed this novel. The hero Micah is so tortured by his past, he refuses to let anyone in. He's made new friends when he moved to Houston, TX from Miami, FL; where he once lived with his wife, Hannah, best friend, David, and David's little sister, Angelina. Since Micah and David were both in love with Hannah, they all agreed to share her instead of competing with each other for her love. Yet when Hannah and David are killed in an accident, Micah is humiliated by the repercussions of their agreement. Therefore, he decides to leave. Nevertheless, Micah left the most important part of the equation out, Angelina. She discovers that Micah is now living in Houston, and decides to confront him and the feelings she's been harboring for him for years. But Micah isn't ready. He's ONLY willing to give her his body, but NOT his heart. He puts her through HELL, he degrades her, and yes, he pimps her out. He pushs Angelina to the point of no return. And still she never says, NO! Knowing that if she does, she'll lose him forever! I'm NOT condoning what he did, but I understand it!

2. --- "Cowgirl Up and Ride, (Rough Riders #3), Branded as Trouble (Rough Riders #5), & Shoulda Been a Cowboy, (Rough Riders #6)," by Lorelei James --- I've read "Cowgirl Up and Ride," & "Branded as Trouble," at least 4 or 5 x's. I refuse to let them go. Also another novel by Ms. James that I truly cannot refuse is, "Wrangled and Tangled: A Blacktop Novel." 

Lorelei James possess the greatest qualities for making her the MOST sought after Erotic Romance Novelist of ALL TIME, with her INSATIABLE characters-whose situations and EXPLICIT PASSION become etched into your memory. Down to earth, wholehearted family-wishing you were a member of. And above all, such HEARTFELT emotions either good or bad are rolled into several compromising storylines. Ms. James' writing is PHENOMENAL! Every single novel written by her has either received 4 or 5 stars, which is a rare commodity in itself for any author. But Ms. James happens to have that MAGIC touch in spades!!

1. --- "Blue-Eyed Devil, Secrets of a Summer Night, Again the Magic, Devil in Winter, Suddenly You, & Then Came You," by Lisa Kleypas. Ms. Kleypas is my MOST favorite Historical Romance Novelist of all time! She could do NO wrong in my book! Yet instead of continuing writing in just historical, Ms. Kleypas has been writing contempporary romances as well. First with her, "Travis Series," and now with her, "Friday Harbor Series," as well. Which the second installment of her, "Friday Harbor Series," is due to be released on February 28, 2012, "Rainshadow Road."

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