Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Claimed by the Captain," by Tara Kingston

**For some strange reason Barnes & Nobles will NOT accept my review for this novel, because it has unappropriate language. I really DON'T think so, but hey whatever! I'll let you be the judge of that!**

Capt. Jason Kane has captured his arch nemesis' daughter Catherine Farrell, by abducting her from her father's ball, of which he has proclaimed to auction her to the highest bidder.

As Catherine's ruthless father prospers from his thievery actions against unexpected men's fortunes, supplementing his own dwindling bounty. So many men lost their entire wealth, extinguishing their own lives, and brought desuetude and despair to their whole entire families. Undoubtedly there is a Price to be Paid, and the, "Pie-Piper," has come to COLLECT!

If Catherine becomes ruined due to her scandalous abduction and caring his seed, would that be the ultimate REVENGE?

However, when Catherine's response to Jason's smoldering caresses, and devouring kisses provides fruitless to his well devised plan. Further destroying his own senses within the process, for she CANNOT contain the tortuous behavior her body has been craving for his simple touch, and has become VITAL to her very existence.

Nevertheless,  Capt. Kane MUST follow through, if NOT he too will perish within the depth of the consuming flames caused by their passionately exploits they've elicited upon one another, or shall LOVE prevail, and swallow these two SOUL MATES into the realm of an EVERLASTING UNION?

This novel was exquisitely written, the play on words and the many synonyms Ms. Kingston used to describe the art of lovemaking was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! It reminded me very much of the artistically beautiful novel written by Ms. Hannah Howell, "Wild Conquest."


Other Recommendations: "Only with Your Love," and "Lady Sophia's Lover," by Lisa Kleypas; "Wild Conquest," by Hannah Howell; "Captain's Price," by Lyla Sinclair; & finally NOT part of Historical Romance yet Western Modern-Day--- "Wrangled & Tangled: A Blacktop Cowboy Novel," by Lorelei James.

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