Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Review for "A Grave Exchange, (A Grave Passion)," by Jane White Pillatzke!


When Ivy Steele, has been the victim of a traumatic and horrific event, it's truly difficult for her to trust any other male species, ever again. Especially when the breathtakingly gorgeous stranger, the same one who has been wrecking havoc in her dreams, approaches her on a deserted path home.

Lucius Valentine has lived for centuries. Acquiring rare and priceless artifacts, and estates in different regions of the world along the way. However, when a lone cry has awaken his desire, as no other, he MUST claim that precious jewel as his OWN. He's determined to scour the ends of the earth searching for HER.

Ivy is in GRAVE danger, Lucius might be her ONLY salvation. Will she allow herself to become prey, a victim of her circumstances, or will she discover the courage from within to stand up to the EVIL surrounding her?

I'm in AWE that Ms. Pillatzke was able to tell such a DYNAMIC tale full of MYSTERY, INTRIGUE, DRAMA, ACTION-PACKED SUSPENSE, and with enough RAGING ILLICIT-PASSION, that literally will leave you QUIVERING and DESPERATE for you own RELEASE, in just less than 100 pages, is quite a SPECTACULAR feat within itself!

Ms. Pillatzke, you are an INSPIRATION to us, the reader, for you have GRANTED us permission, a glimpse into the world you have created. We become LOST in a TRULY EXQUISITE realm, somewhere we can ESCAPE from our mundane lives. That is the GREATEST gift you can bestow upon a person! THANK YOU, WITHOUT-A-DOUBT, THIS NOVEL DESERVES NOTHING LESS THAN A 10 STAR RATING!

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